Sytel Enhances Salesforce with Best-of-Breed Blended Inbound/ Outbound

Aylesbury, United Kingdom, November 17, 2013 --( Sytel Limited, a leading vendor of contact center software solutions, today announced the integration of its world-leading call center platform, Softdial Contact Center™ (SCC), with, the customer relationship management (CRM) system of choice for many call centers. The integration provides high performance automated handling of both inbound service and outbound sales calls (fully integrated with Salesforce data records), best-of-breed predictive dialing, sophisticated call routing, IVR, call recording and an embedded softphone.

SCC maximizes call center productivity by utilizing call blending (moving agents seamlessly and automatically) between inbound and outbound campaigns in response to service levels. This makes best use of agent time, and minimizes the number of agents required to maintain SLAs.

Sytel CEO Michael McKinlay commented, “We are delighted to announce this integration of our best-in-class call control with Salesforce CRM. The marriage of Sytel and Salesforce functionality is a winning combination. Sytel has extensive experience of integration with 3rd party products; we are the world leading supplier of OEM dialer components, and a leading dialer provider for the Market Research industry with many proven CATI integrations.”

Outbound sales performance

The Sytel outbound dialer, a core component of SCC, offers predictive, progressive and preview modes. Its sophisticated campaign and list inventory management features enable high performance dialing of Salesforce contacts. In predictive mode, it allows call centers to maximize agent talk time while minimizing nuisance calls under FTC/ FCC rules.

McKinlay continued, “The predictive performance gain with our dialer is second to none. Predictive gain is the only accurate measure of predictive dialer quality - not how much talk time, but how much more talk time compared to dialing progressively under the same conditions. We welcome any benchmarking tests of this with other dialers.”

Inbound service precision

For inbound service calls, SCC offers extensive and detailed control over call routing, ensuring that service calls are handled quickly and efficiently by the right agent. SCC includes a complete IVR system with a drag-and–drop design tool, enabling non-technical staff to design and implement complex flow logic.

Embedded softphone

The Sytel Softphone, embedded within the Salesforce agent interface using the published Salesforce OpenCTI API, enables agents to control all calls from a single unified UI, even making calls with a single click from within the Salesforce interface.

About Sytel

Sytel Limited software solutions connect and manage calls and media sessions, without boundary. Our solutions for carriers, enterprises and hosted contact centre providers deliver high-volume routing and media processing on a distributed host-based platform, and are driving inbound, outbound and blended telephony, email, SMS, chat and other media types in over 50 countries. Sytel’s toolsets deliver advanced capabilities to subscribers via the web, including scripting of call processing, real-time reporting and configurable dashboards.

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