Author Randy Jernigan Releases "Losing To Win!" Diet Cookbook Through Creative Partners Publishing

In his new book, author Randy Jernigan shares tips and recipes that helped him beat a deadly case of diabetes and hypertension and shares his very personal story of faith and recovery.

New York, NY, November 19, 2013 --( Celebrity biographer and author Randy Jernigan has released a new book telling the story of his dramatic weight-loss of 158 pounds and shares tips and recipes that helped him beat the odds against a deadly case of diabetes and hypertension.

In the books first chapter, titled, My Story, the author tells of his experiences as a child with obesity problems and being brutally bullied in school.

"I wanted to die, the pain and humiliation was too much for me to handle and I thought about suicide many times at that tender age. No child should ever have to feel that sort of pain. For the most part I suffered in silence. I had no real friends and I didn't want to trouble my parents. They were dealing with their own issues. After a full day of constant bullying at school I would come home, load up on anything and everything I could find in the kitchen, then lock myself in my bedroom and eat until I fell asleep. It was my way of escaping the pain."

By the time Jernigan was 35 years old he weighed 355 pounds and suffered from many weight related illnesses. “My Blood pressure was astronomical and I developed a severe case of diabetes. I was also suffering with a debilitating gout pain because of my poor food choices.”

Jernigan admits to trying many diets in those days and actually lost a little weight here and there but was never able to stay on the diet. “My love for food was too strong—it was my sanctuary in a cold, harsh world.”

Jernigan goes on the share how, years later, he nearly died after collapsing in his bathroom, of a horrifying emergency room experience, and the succeeding events that caused him to turn his life, and health condition, around and survive his deadly illnesses.

"I've always been totally obsessed with food and I had to make major changes in my thinking as well as my body," said Jernigan. "It wasn't easy but it was something that had to be done if I wanted to live, and I now had something to live for..."

In "Losing To Win" Jernigan shares his own diabetic friendly recipes and weight loss tips that has helped him lose a total of 158 pounds to date, and live a healthier lifestyle.

"Losing To Win!: A Digest of Recipes and Tips to Keep You Fit and Healthy" is now available through or wherever fine books are sold.
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