New Kindle Release Celebrates Marie Osmond as Star That Makes a Positive Difference

Author Randy Jernigan has released the first installment of his Stars That Make a Difference series featuring Marie Osmond. - July 13, 2015

Marie Osmond Biography Being Developed Into a Television Movie Says Creative Partners Publishing

Creative Partners Publishing announced this week their Marie Osmond Bio got a release date and is being made into a TV movie. - June 23, 2015

Randy Jernigan Reissues Love Stories Book and Ventures Into New Territory with Screenplay

Veteran writer Randy Jernigan will reissue his best selling love stories and is in negotiations with a film studio for his new screenplay says Creative Partners Publishing. - February 21, 2015

Randy Jernigan Reissues Losing to Win and Talks About Life and Career Changes

Randy Jernigan’s defining moment has influenced not only the course of his life, but it has affected countless others’ who have followed his inspiring story of renewal and hope. From Creative Partners Publishing. - February 14, 2015

Country Music Veteran Marie Osmond to be Featured in New "Stars" Book

Marie Osmond's life and career to be featured in new "Stars" book being Published by Creative Partners Publishing. - January 14, 2015

Writer Opens Up About Weight-Loss Struggles, Love and New Southern Recipes Cookbook

Randy Jernigan talks about his weight-loss struggles, his love life and his new Southern recipes cookbook for Creative Partners Publishing. - December 23, 2014

Marilyn Grace's New Book Unravels Butch and Sundance Mystery

Marilyn Grace's new book attempts to prove that Butch and Sundance didn't die in Bolivia but Utah, according to Creative Partners Publishing. - December 17, 2014

Randy Jernigan to Donate a Portion of "Stars" Book Earnings to Trevor Project

"Stars That Make A Difference" author will donate a portion of his earning to LGBT group, Trevor Project, for teens and troubled youth. - December 16, 2014

"Stars That Make A Difference" Book to be Released 2015, Says Author

Rebooted "Stars" book to be released early 2015 says author Randy Jernigan. - December 07, 2014

Randy Jernigan Tells His Side of the Story in New Memoir

Writer Randy Jernigan will publish a memoir about his 22 years as a freelance tabloid reporter through Creative Partners Publishing. - November 23, 2014

Writer Randy Jernigan Negotiates Screenplay Deal and Will Publish Memoir, Scoop

Randy Jernigan has sold a new screenplay to a film studio and will publish memoir for Creative Partners Publishing. - November 22, 2014

Magic Forrest Treasure--Singer Wendy Bradshaw to Release Children's Treasure Hunting Book and Soundtrack

Vocalist Wendy Bradshaw to release children's treasure hunting book and soundtrack according to Creative Partners Publishing. - November 19, 2014

Former Celebrity Journalist to Tell All in New Book

Randy Jernigan will pen a new tome about his 22 years in the celebrity news world for Creative Partners Publishing. - November 08, 2014

Arianna Eisenberg Awarded Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Award for New Book "Jemiyah Jones and the Kingdom of Nir"

Hollywood producer turned author Arianna Eisenberg wins Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Award according to Creative Partners Publishing. - November 04, 2014

Randy Jernigan Set to Release "Stars" Book Mid October

Randy Jernigan and Creative Partners Publishing is set to release "Stars That Make A Difference" book mid October, following final edit. - September 21, 2014

Marriage Equality Subject of New Book by Utah Author Randy Jernigan

Creative Partners Publishing will release a book dealing with the controversial subject of marriage equality by author Randy Jernigan. - July 20, 2014

Randy Jernigan's Road to Happiness Book Series Going Television Talk

Creative Partners Publishing author Randy Jernigan has signed on to help develop his "Happiness" book series into a television pilot. - July 08, 2014

Ellen Degeneres to be Spotlighted in Fan Book Series

Creative Partners Publishing has announced comedy legend Ellen Degeneres to be the second celebrity spotlighted on their Fan Book series. - June 24, 2014

Randy Jernigan to Pen British Royal Biography "Family Secrets"

Daniel Radcliffe biographer Randy Jernigan has signed an agreement with Creative Partners Publishing to write a biography on the British Royals titled "Family Secrets." - June 18, 2014

Creative Partners Publishing to Release Fan Book Series Celebrating Stars That Make a Positive Difference

Celebrity biographer and essayist Randy Jernigan will write about the lives and careers of celebrities that are having a positive influence in the lives of their fans! - June 02, 2014

Creative Partners Publishing Author Responds to Sensational Press Reports Regarding Daniel Radcliffe Biography

Author, Randy Jernigan issues statement regarding his new book "The Life and career of Daniel Radcliffe" being published this year. - May 30, 2014

Daniel Radcliffe Bio to be Published Through Creative Partners Publishing

The bio will be the first in a series of controversial "celebrity fan books" commissioned by Creative Partners Publishing House. - May 18, 2014

Creative Partners Publishing to Release Daniel Radcliffe Fan Book

Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe will be the first star spotlighted in a new fan book series for Creative Partners Publishing House. Author Randy Jernigan to write the series. - May 14, 2014

Author Randy Jernigan Releases "The Road to Happiness" Through Creative Partners Publishing

In his new book writer Randy Jernigan shares his very personal journey to find happiness and peace, and spills a few secrets along the way. - April 30, 2014

Goodreads and Creative Partners Publishing to Launch Randy Jernigan's Short Story Book Give-Away

After a resurgence in sales of his first book, Randy Jernigan and Goodreads will launch a national book give away for "This Thing Called Love." - April 15, 2014

Randy Jernigan Shares Secrets to Finding Happiness in New Book Through Creative Partners Publishing

In The Road to Happiness author Randy Jernigan bravely shares personal secrets of how he achieved happiness and peace. - April 03, 2014

Randy Jernigan Opens Up to Grand Central About Weight-Loss Struggles and New Book

"Losing To Win!" author tells Grand Central Magazine about his secret struggles with depression and weight--loss. - March 26, 2014

Randy Jernigan to Release New Happiness Book Through Creative Partners Publishing

A brilliant new tome about how to achieve and cultivate happiness. - March 02, 2014

Cookbook Author Claims Recipes and Exercise Helped Save His Life

"Losing To Win!" cookbook author Randy Jernigan shares his recipes and weight-loss tips that helped bring him back from the brink of death. - January 24, 2014

Losing To Win! Author Announces Title of New Cookbook for Creative Partners Publishing

Best selling author Randy Jernigan releases the title of his next healthy foods cookbook due out Summer of 2014. - December 18, 2013

Creative Partners Publishing Set to Release Marie Osmond Biography in 2014

The long awaited Marie Osmond: The Unauthorized Biography is now set for release in 2014, says publishing officials. - December 17, 2013

Author Randy Jernigan Releases "Losing To Win!" Diet Cookbook Through Creative Partners Publishing

In his new book, author Randy Jernigan shares tips and recipes that helped him beat a deadly case of diabetes and hypertension and shares his very personal story of faith and recovery. - November 19, 2013

Randy Jernigan Offers Press and Feature Releases Through Creative Partners Publishing

Freelance writer Randy Jernigan offers press writing services through his Creative Partners Publishing company. - September 18, 2013

Life and Letters Digest Launches First Annual Novel Writing Competition with Creative Partners Publishing

Book and publishing news page Life and letters Digest announced its first annual novel writing competition with Creative Partners Publishing. - July 31, 2013

Writer Randy Jernigan Launches Life and Letters Digest, a News Magazine for Writers and the Publishing World for Creative Partners Publishing

Life and Letters Digest to be the "go to" news magazine for writers of any genre and the world of publishing. - June 12, 2013

Creative Partners Publishing Offers News Release Writing for Authors and Their New Works

Writer Randy Jernigan will craft a news release or feature that will tempt reporters and content writers to report about your new writing project and you as an author! - May 22, 2013

Randy Jernigan to Produce "Losing To Win!" Into Television Documentary for Creative Partners Publishing

Randy Jernigan is in talks with television distributor to bring his Summer release "Losing To Win!" to television. - May 07, 2013

Writer Randy Jernigan Tackles Issues of Type 2 Diabetes and Childhood Obesity in New Cookbook

Randy Jernigan shares recipes and diet tips that helped him beat diabetes and hypertension in a new cookbook out this Summer. - April 30, 2013

Creative Partners Publishing 2013 Short Story Writing Competition is Now Open

Creative Partners publishing is holding its first annual short story competition with huge grand prizes for the winners. - April 22, 2013

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