WebRTC: Miami Web Developer WebFL.US Adds Secure Live Video Communications to Responsive Web Design

A rapidly growing base of over 1 billion people can now enjoy free real-time browser-to-browser video, voice and data communications without program downloads, software plugins or mobile apps.

Miami, FL, November 20, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Miami web design and mobile web development firm WebFL.US today announced the integration of web real-time communications (#WebRTC) with their responsive web design (#RWD) solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. A live demo of the game-changing new technology is available online at "webfl.us/webrtc."

IDC reports that 81% of Q3 2014 smartphone shipments were Android devices, 100% of which can use WebRTC for secure real-time peer-to-peer (web browser to web browser) video, voice and multimedia communications without the need to purchase, download or install any software, plugin or "app" [bit.ly/18ohs2I]. The same is true for more than 1.4 billion Microsoft Windows desktop, laptop, notebook, touchscreen and tablet PCs that can run the latest version of the free open source Firefox browser [bit.ly/1inu9lT]. According to Miami web developer Bruce Arnold, WSQD of WebFL.US:

"WebRTC heralds the culmination of the convergence of computing and communications. It is destined to be the most disruptive and democratizing technology to come along since the World Wide Web itself. With WebRTC all people must do to see and speak with each other in live one-on-one video chats, multi-party conferences or even mass broadcasts is open a link in their web or mobile browser. Sociopolitical paradigm shifts of epic proportions are inevitable, and the new business opportunities will be boundless."

WebRTC consists of a set of HTML5 ECMAScript media (camera and microphone) capture and peer-to-peer connection application programming interfaces (JavaScript APIs) being developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) that operate in conjunction with a set of communication signaling and security standards (wire protocols) being defined by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). Web servers are required to initiate and manage WebRTC sessions, but all video, audio and data media streams are encrypted (always) and can flow directly from one web browser to another. All WebRTC technologies are open source, browser-based and cross-platform (i.e. desktop and mobile). This eliminates the need for native mobile apps and the associated potentials for vendor lock-in.

WebFL.US is now integrating the WebRTC APIs into its responsive web design and mobile web development solutions portfolio. Targeted SME business applications include: website-based voice and video conferencing (sans software plugins and Skype-assisted NSA surveillance [bit.ly/1bxJDgS]); webinars; online education and training; B2B and B2C sales presentation, product demonstration, expert consultation, and customer support web pages with live video windows; and secure overlay networks exploiting the WebRTC data channel.

For a free consultation on real-time communications applications and opportunities for your business call expert-rated WebRTC developer Bruce Arnold at 786-326-8079.

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