WebFL.US SSRWD Vaccine Doesn't Cure Ebola But Does Block UnOptOutable Verizon PermaCookie Injections

Some say the deadly Ebola virus is unstoppable and the privacy-killing UID your ISP may be injecting into your web traffic is unblockable, but a Miami web development firm just verified its antidote for one of them. - November 04, 2014

Motivational Keynote Speaker Joachim de Posada Taps Miami Web Developer WebFL.US for Speedy Secure Responsive Web Design

Google just announced that websites with HTTPS Strict Transport Security (HSTS) will be receiving search rank preference - and Hispanic motivational speaker Joachim de Posada was quick to see that ssRwd is the place to be. - August 24, 2014

Bondtech Medical Waste Autoclaves Website by WebFL.US Showcases Hospital Sterilizers That Can Kill Ebola Virus

There is no cure for the deadly Ebola virus that is spreading across Africa and many fear headed for Europe, Asia and America. But through MedicalWasteAutoclaves.com, Bondtech offers treatment technology to take it out. - August 11, 2014

Miami Medical Weight Loss Website DrBesen.com Designed by WebFL.US Shows Genetics Key to Appetite Control

South Florida weight loss physician Robert Besen MD knows ssRwd™ is the place to be. His new website leverages speedy secure responsive web design to explain why genes may be the reason your jeans are getting too tight. - August 01, 2014

Miami Web Developer WebFL.US Resolves Mobile Website Design Dilemma with ssRwd™

Web marketing success is a function of traffic and conversions which are derived from and dependent upon visibility and accessibility. Research shows websites employing mobile website redirects are losing out on both. - July 16, 2014

WebFL.US helps #ResetTheNet with Speedy Secure Responsive Web Design for SunState HOA Property Management

SunStateCAM.com melds a mobile-friendly format, HSTS encryption and SPDY transport to provide homeowners associations in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach with fast, flexible and secure association management solutions. - June 08, 2014

Americas Distributor for Classic Filters Taps Miami Web Development Firm WebFL.US for Responsive Web Design

WebFL.US gives FiltrationAnalysisFilters.com a secure, flat and mobile-friendly responsive web design assuring high visibility and broad accessibility for its filter housings, filter elements and filtration solutions. - May 17, 2014

UMI Florida Medical Waste Experts Grow Statewide with Responsive Web Design by Miami Web Development Firm WebFL.US

United Medical Industries launches mobile-friendly UmiBiomedical.com to leverage #sRWD and accelerate growth of their biomedical waste disposal services and medical waste treatment solutions for Florida waste generators. - April 27, 2014

Agents Access Launches Stock Throughput Insurance Website with Secure Responsive Web Design by Miami Web Developer WebFL.US

StockThroughputInsurance.com leverages #sRWD to give independent insurance agents access to seamless coverage for business supply chains from any desktop or mobile device with HTTPS security protecting their information. - April 07, 2014

Miami Web Development Firm WebFL.US Launches maxPSO.com Website Acceleration & Page Speed Optimization Service

Google gives faster web pages, higher search rankings to reward better user experience. maxPSO from WebFL.US makes web pages load faster to deliver increased web traffic and higher conversion rates. - January 19, 2014

Miami App Developer WebFL.US Introduces mCartXP Cross-Platform Mobile Commerce Apps for Responsive Web Design

Miami App Developer WebFL.US Introduces mCartXP Cross-Platform Mobile Commerce Apps for Responsive Web Design

Miami web design firm WebFL.US offers a W3C-validated online order and payment solution for selling products and services in English or Spanish on any smartphone or tablet computer via the PayPal Mobile Express Checkout API. - December 09, 2013

San Antonio Maid Service GabyS.US Goes Mobile as WebRTC-Enhanced Responsive Web Design by Miami Web Developer WebFL.US

"Custom Cleaning By Gaby" launches smartphone-friendly website GabyS.US that leverages Spanglish toggles and W3C validated HTML5/CSS3 #RWD to promote its Central Texas office and home cleaning services. - December 04, 2013

WebRTC: Miami Web Developer WebFL.US Adds Secure Live Video Communications to Responsive Web Design

A rapidly growing base of over 1 billion people can now enjoy free real-time browser-to-browser video, voice and data communications without program downloads, software plugins or mobile apps. - November 20, 2013

Jewelry Insurance Quotes Site Features Mobile-Friendly HTML5 Video by Miami Web Design Firm WebFL.US

The template for this jewelry insurance quotes site does not reflect responsive web development, Miami, but it does feature a mobile-friendly HTML5 video. - August 16, 2013

Responsive Web Design by Miami Web Developer Web3.0DesignMiami.com Adds Broad Accessibility to High Visibility for StreamlineSolutionsUsa.com

Responsive Web Design by Miami Web Developer Web3.0DesignMiami.com Adds Broad Accessibility to High Visibility for StreamlineSolutionsUsa.com

New website for nationwide commercial and hospital laundry supplier of recyclable soiled linen bags and hamper stands combines best features of mobile-friendly device-aware and device-agnostic RWD. - December 08, 2012

Responsive Web Design by Miami Web Developer Web3.0DesignMiami.com Showcases Mirrored Closet & Shower Doors by Peterson Industries

Mobile-friendly W3C-validated HTML5, CSS3 and a DDR deliver broad accessibility of #RWD for manufacturer's new website while avoiding pitfalls of fluid grids, flexible images and media queries. - October 11, 2012

Miami Web Designer WebReDesignMiami.com Applies W3C Internationalization for Polyglot Markup in Development of Standards-Based Spanglish

The de facto language of South Florida for decades, "espanglish" is now officially a word. Using it right online, however, requires more than rolling your R's. - August 24, 2012

Cleantech Government Relations Firm Taps Miami Web Developer Web3.0DesignMiami.com for Mobile Friendly Semantic Web Design

A top cleantech lobbying firm leverages Web 3.0 front-end development, HTML5 video and CSS3 styling to project their value proposition across the Mobile Web. - July 21, 2012

Mobile Friendly Web 3.0 Design by Miami Web Developer Web3.0DesignMiami.com Promotes KTI FilterBOSS Diesel Fuel Polishing Systems

An enterprising marine diesel fuel filtration systems developer proves that when EPA standards-compliant ULSD produces a problem, W3C standards-compliant web design can propagate the solution. - June 29, 2012

On The Spot Crane Service Gets a Lift from Mobile-Friendly Web 3.0 Design by Miami Web Developer Web3.0DesignMiami.com

This South Florida boom truck rentals and crane service operator taps Semantic Web development for a high rise in online marketing visibility and accessibility. - April 28, 2012

Analyzer Filters Introduced to the Americas via Mobile-Friendly Semantic Web Design by Miami Web 3.0 Developer Web3.0DesignMiami.com

Their liquid and gas filters are effective for over 99% of all particulate contaminants, and their Semantic Web design and W3C mobileOK web pages are accessible by over 99% of all desktop and mobile browsers. - September 23, 2011

Mobile Web 3.0 Development by Miami Web Design Firm WebReDesignMiami.com Offers Cost-Effective Cross-Platform M-Commerce Alternatives to Smartphone Mobile Apps

Mobile commerce mini-cart mashup mCartSB(tm) melds Amazon PayPhrase and PayPal Mobile SMS online shopping and payment processing into economical mobile website alternatives to iPhone, Android and other platform-specific mobile apps. - August 13, 2011

Mate USA Group Reversible Pumps, Boat Horns, Rub Rails and Bimini Tops Marketed via New Distributors and Web 3.0 Ready Sites by Miami Web Designer Web3.0DesignMiami.com

Italian manufacturers leverage strategic marketing agreements and Semantic Web design by Miami Web 3.0 front-end developers to expand their presence in the U.S. boating and marine industry. - July 18, 2011

Miami Solar Energy Contractor Heliotropics Plugs Into Semantic Web with Web 3.0 Design by South Florida Web Designer WebReDesignMiami.com

This South Florida alternative energy enabler leverages Web 3.0 visibility, HTML5/CSS3 accessibility and jQuery functionality to convey a compelling proposition of lower taxes and utilities plus a smaller carbon footprint. - June 08, 2011

Miami Web Designer WebReDesignMiami.com Gives Hairsense.com Comb & Brush eCommerce Emporium Web 3.0 Design Styling & iPad 2 Accessibility

Thanks to exclusive products and loyal customers, Salon Accessories was making money despite a dated website. With Web 3.0 visibility and W3C compliant HTML5/CSS3 accessibility, what's beneath the new look could take them to the next level. - May 01, 2011

UMI Medical Waste Management Capabilities Animated with Flash-Free iPad 2 Accessible Web 3.0 Design by Miami Web Design Firm Web3.0DesignMiami.com

A family-owned Florida biomedical waste disposal and treatment company leverages W3C Compliant HTML5/CSS3 Semantic Web design to challenge industry giants. - April 05, 2011

Sunshine Auto Insurance Miami Launches South Florida Web 3.0 Car Insurance Quote Portal

A regional multi-carrier car insurance agency maximizes online quote accessibility with iPad-Ready W3C-Compliant HTML5/CSS3 Semantic Web design - February 25, 2011

Marco Reversible Gear Pumps, Horns & Hailers Introduced to U.S. Market via HTML5/CSS3 Portal by Miami Web Designer WebReDesignMiami.com

Italian-manufactured products that couple innovation with quality promoted by Semantic Web 3.0 design that couples visibility with accessibility. - January 16, 2011

Miami Web Designer Launches Web 3.0 Front-End Development Yin to Semantic Web Design Yang: Web3.0DesignMiami.com

South Florida Web Designoper Bruce Arnold Raises the Hood (and the Bar) on iPad-Ready Website Front-End Development - December 31, 2010

Before and After: South Florida Mold Cleaners Call on Miami Web Designer WebReDesignMiami.com for Web 3.0 Remediation

Shlomo Shemesh and his crew are old hands at mold removal and water damage repair ... and are "Web 3.0 Ready" for the Semantic Web - November 20, 2010

Tessilmare Marine Rub-Rails & Boat Suntops Introduced to U.S. Boating Market via Web 3.0 Portal by Miami Web Design Firm WebReDesignMiami.com

Innovative engineering is key to this Italian manufacturer's high-quality products and high-visibility Semantic Web design. - October 18, 2010

Contemporary Surrealist Artist Roz Keating Offers Mixed Media Art via Web 3.0 iPad Ready Gallery by Miami Web Design Firm WebReDesignMiami.com

W3C-compliant HTML5/CSS3 design combines flash-free jQuery animation with digital watermarking online piracy deterrent so gifted artist can safely share her original works of natural surrealism. - October 02, 2010

Responsiveness of Chubb Insurance Intermediary Agents Access Reflected in Web 3.0 Websites by Miami Web Design Firm WebReDesignMiami.com

Focusing on results can be a painful process, but the benefit is broad accessibility and high visibility on the Semantic Web - September 14, 2010

Promptus Global Freight Forwarding Tags Miami Web Design Firm WebReDesignMiami.com for Animated Web 3.0 Logistics

How one Florida customs broker consolidates W3C compliance with jQuery animation to stand out on the Semantic Web. - July 25, 2010

Motivational Speaker Joachim de Posada Taps Web 3.0 Design with W3C-Compliant HTML5 Video from Miami Web Design Firm WebReDesignMiami.com

Is the "World's Most Interesting Man" the actor in those Mexican beer commercials, or a real-life motivational speaker and best-selling author named Joachim de Posada? Watch his Web 3.0 videos and decide... - July 09, 2010

GPE Engineering Contractors Paves iPad-Ready Road to Success with Web 3.0-Focused Miami Web Design Firm WebReDesignMiami.com

How one South Florida construction and engineering contractor leverages Semantic Web design to maximize marketing returns in recessionary times... - June 04, 2010

VA4Most.js Freeware Enables W3C-Compliant iPad-Ready HTML5 Video and Audio with Dual Flash and Source Link Fallback

PC... MAC... iPhone... iPad... Internet Explorer... Firefox... Chrome... Opera... Safari... MP4 (H.264/AAC)... OGG (theora/vorbis)... FLV (flash video)... MP3... WAV... W3C-compliant HTML5 audio and video... VA4Most.js is one freeware script to serve them all. - May 11, 2010

Miami Web Designer Bruce Arnold Brings "Web 3.0 Ready" Website Design to South Florida

Is Your Website Ready for Web 3.0? As the Semantic Web unfolds, only those sites that are "Web 3.0 Ready" will get found everywhere ... get included anywhere ... and get results. - March 15, 2010

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