Applidis Booster Significantly Speeds Up Access to Applications and Desktops

Systancia, a software editor in the field of desktop virtualisation and application publication solutions, announces the release of AppliDis Booster, a new innovative feature incorporated into the AppliDis Fusion SP3 solution.

Ipswich, United Kingdom, November 28, 2013 --( More specifically, AppliDis Booster allows for significantly faster access to applications and desktops since desktop loading time is reduced to only a few seconds regardless of the user profile. This new feature also simplifies profile management, reduces network traffic and increases productivity.

AppliDis Booster is based on three concepts:

- Profile virtualisation: Windows user profile sessions are virtualised and loaded on the fly to avoid long waiting times when opening a session.
- Preloading sessions: sessions are pre-loaded when the user connects to AppliDis.
- Post-closing of sessions: sessions are held open for a period of time after closing in case it is needed again.

AppliDis Booster has been built into the newest version of AppliDis 4, SP3, which offers new features for effective VDI provisioning management, improved database engine performance and threshold configuration for load balancing. AppliDis Fusion SP3 is compatible with all industry standards.

“The availability of AppliDis Booster enables our customers to improve their performance with faster access to their virtualised solutions. We are one of the few publishers in the market to offer such a high quality of service to our clients. AppliDis Booster demonstrates our ability to provide high added value functionality in a market where few differences exist between the majority of suppliers,” explains Xavier Hameroux, Commercial Director at Systancia.

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