A White Paper Produced for Systancia Reveals That Zero-Trust ("ZTNA") Technology is Better Suited Than VPN to Meet Teleworking Challenges

Systancia, the European software vendor of cybersecurity and application virtualization solutions, and the research company IDC, have published a white paper comparing VPN and zero-trust (ZTNA) technologies to secure the data of companies dealing with the spread of teleworking and guarantee their business continuity. - October 22, 2020

Systancia Signs Up Redington Value as VAD for Middle East and Africa

Systancia, a French software company, has appointed Redington Gulf as its authorised value-added distributor (VAD) for Middle East and Africa. - July 18, 2020

#OpenSolidarity – Systancia Extends Free Access to Its Teleworking Solution Systancia Gate Until the 15th of September 2020, Thanks to OVHcloud

Systancia, the European specialist in cybersecurity and application virtualization solutions, announces the extension of free access to its Systancia Gate teleworking solution as cloud services. - June 18, 2020

Systancia and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Join Forces to Offer Secure Solutions to Facilitate Teleworking

Systancia, a European specialist in cybersecurity and application virtualization solutions, and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (ALE), the global leader in enterprise communications, collaboration, networking and cloud communication solutions, joined forces to provide companies with secure and complementary solutions in order to facilitate the organization of their employees’ teleworking and ensure business continuity. - June 16, 2020

DataStore Incorporates Systancia, the PAM and ZTNA Cybersecurity Developer, Into Its Range of Solutions

DataStore AG, the value‐added distributor for data center solutions and cybersecurity technologies, has added application virtualization and cybersecurity solutions to its product portfolio. It is working with Systancia, the European specialists in combined solutions for Privileged Access Management and teleworking, to develop platforms for accessing corporate applications and resources. - June 07, 2020

Massive Teleworking: GHU Paris Psychiatry & Neurosciences Adopts Systancia Gate to Allow Its Hospital Staff to Work from Home Without Compromising the IT Security

Systancia, a European specialist in cybersecurity and application virtualization solutions, is supporting the University Hospital Group from Paris – GHU Paris psychiatry & neurosciences, with the deployment of Systancia Gate, its teleworking solution. During this health crisis period, the solution is provided free of charge as a Cloud service thanks to OVHCloud. This collaboration allows employees to work remotely, without compromising the hospital group’s entire IT system. - May 19, 2020

Coronavirus: Systancia Answers the Request of French Secretary of State for the Digital Sector and Provides Free Access to Systancia Gate, Its Teleworking Solution

Systancia, the European specialist in cybersecurity and application virtualization solutions, is answering the request made by the French Secretary of State for the Digital Sector and provides its teleworking solution, Systancia Gate, free of charge for a period of 3 months. This announcement is the result of a strengthened cooperation with OVHcloud, which is developing the cloud infrastructure hosting this solution. - March 16, 2020

New Release - Systancia Cleanroom 4: The Only Privileged Access Management Solution Providing Clean-Room Administration Workstations

Systancia, the French champion in cybersecurity, virtualization and identity management, introduces Systancia Cleanroom 4, the only PAM (Privileged Access Management) solution combining virtualization and cybersecurity. This major update of Systancia’s core solution for securing IT administrators’ workstations offers several levels of service and deployment. It meets all the needs of privileged users, by using the surveillance, authentication and administration workstations management features. - October 04, 2019

Avencis Hpliance Becomes Systancia Identity, an Identity and Access Management Solution That Simplifies Your Company’s Life

Systancia, a recognized French software vendor in cybersecurity, virtualization and digital trust, releases Systancia Identity, an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution that centralizes the management of employee identities and authorizations in any organization. - June 30, 2019

Systancia Has Established Itself as an Innovative Player in the Application Virtualization and Cybersecurity Fields

Systancia, the French champion of cybersecurity and virtualization, has achieved, for the sixth consecutive year, a double-digit growth combined with solid profitability. Thanks to technological and commercial successes obtained – particularly through its latest innovation, the Cleanroom... - April 10, 2019

Bernard Debauche Joins Systancia as Chief Product Officer

Systancia, specialist in application virtualization and cybersecurity, announces the arrival of Bernard Debauche as Chief Product Officer in charge of the development of Systancia product offerings. Bernard Debauche’s mission is to lead the editor’s product strategy, and support its... - March 18, 2019

With IPdiva Cleanroom, Systancia is Revolutionizing the Market Thanks to a New Approach to Cybersecurity

Systancia, a recognized French player in cybersecurity, virtualization and identity management, introduces IPdiva Cleanroom, a global cybersecurity solution that meets the growing security requirements of IT administrator workstations. Thanks to IPdiva Cleanroom, Systancia provides the IT industry with what has long been required in medicine: a single-use, sterile and monitored working environment. A new approach that has already convinced the Klesia group. - September 28, 2018

Avencis Hpliance Deploys New Identity and Access Management Features

Systancia, a recognized French software vendor in cybersecurity, virtualization and digital trust, releases a new version of Avencis Hpliance, an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution that centralizes the management of employees’ identities and authorizations. With new advanced features, including identity reconciliation and rights model, version 5 of Avencis Hpliance is available starting this month. - August 25, 2018

The Hospital Information Technology Purchasing Group Renews Its Confidence in the Axians, Systancia and KNS Group for Its Access Security Solution

The Hospital Information Technology Purchasing Group (CAIH – Centrale d’Achat de l’Informatique Hospitalière) renews its confidence in the Axians, Systancia and KNS group for its access security solution. As a part of a call for tender with multiple recipients, the CAIH is... - July 21, 2017

With IPdiva Safe 3, Systancia Provides Information System Monitoring in Real Time

Systancia, a recognized French cybersecurity software editor, is launching IPdiva Safe, a revised version of IPdiva Care, its privileged access management (PAM) solution. Enhanced with new advanced analytics and forecasting features, IPdiva Safe aims to remove cyber threats and prevent them from escalating. Passive until now, information system monitoring is now becoming active, with real-time notifications of incidents and security breaches. - June 30, 2017

Systancia Designates a Channel Manager and Strengthens Its Partner Strategy

Systancia, an expert in virtualization and Information Systems’ security, will devote itself to product development, exportation activity progression and channel management in 2017. For that very last point, the company wants to accelerate its partner program. To do so the French software... - April 06, 2017

Growing by 50%, Systancia Expands Its International Pressure

As an expert in visualization and cybersecurity, the French software publisher recorded double-digit growth for the fourth consecutive year, reaching 5.7 million euros for the 2016 fiscal year. Driven by its state-of-the-art solutions, Systancia intends to continue its development in 2017 by focusing on international and large customers. - March 02, 2017

Systancia Announces Merger with French Software Publisher Avencis

After acquiring the company IPdiva, Systancia is preparing to finish off a new external growth operation. The French software publisher of virtualization and cybersecurity software is finalizing its merger with Avencis, a software publisher specializing in password management, authentication and identity management. The goal is to create an European IT champion providing the next generation of application delivery infrastructures focusing on user and security. - October 20, 2016

AppliDis Fusion 5 Won International virtualizationadmin.com Readers’ Choice Award 1st Runner-Up 2016 in the Application Servers Category

AppliDis Fusion 5 won virtualizationadmin.com Readers’ Choice award 1st runner-up 2016 in the Application Servers category, reflecting Systancia ability to innovate in terms of application provisioning with the best performances and at the lowest cost. AppliDis is a unified virtualisation... - July 01, 2016

ANSSI Certification, Scale-Out Architecture, Desktops, Systancia Unveils Its Innovations

Almost exactly one year since Systancia launched AppliDis Fusion 5, its application and desktop virtualization solution, the French software vendor announces its news across its entire product offering: CSPN certification by ANSSI and news about its IPdiva suite, a new scale-out architecture... - May 31, 2016

Systancia Continues Growing and Bets on Innovation to Accelerate Development

As a specialist in the virtualisation of applications and desktops and an expert in remote access security, Systancia has shown yet again double-digit growth in 2015. Where other competitors have suffered, the software vendor has been able to innovate by offering service adapted to current... - January 29, 2016

Systancia Redefines Delivery of VDI Solutions with Nutanix

Systancia announced a partnership with Nutanix to deliver Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions that are nearly “plug-and-play” in their speed and ease. As part of the new solution, Systancia has recently been validated as Nutanix Ready for Acropolis on the AppliDis solution. - November 28, 2015

AppliDis Fusion Won the International virtualizationadmin.com Readers’ Choice Award 2014 in the VDI category

AppliDis Fusion, applications and desktop virtualization solution, was voted as the world’s best VDI solution in 2014, winning the virtualizationadmin.com Readers’ Choice Award, a recognition of its worldwide success. - November 30, 2014

Applidis Booster Significantly Speeds Up Access to Applications and Desktops

Systancia, a software editor in the field of desktop virtualisation and application publication solutions, announces the release of AppliDis Booster, a new innovative feature incorporated into the AppliDis Fusion SP3 solution. - November 28, 2013

AppliDis Fusion 4 Voted VirtualizationAdmin.com Readers’ Choice Award Second Runner-Up

Leading Virtualization resource site, VirtualizationAdmin.com, announced that AppliDis Fusion 4 was selected second runner-up in the AppliDis Fusion 4 category of the VirtualizationAdmin.com Readers’ Choice Awards. “Our Readers’ Choice Awards give visitors to our site the... - October 25, 2013

FSN PME and A Plus Finance Bring Their Financial Support to Systancia to Speed Up Its International Development on the Cloud Computing Market

The FSN PME (the French National Fund for Digital Society), managed by the group Caisse des Dépôts on behalf of the French government in the context of the Programme d’Investissement d’Avenir (Future Investment Program), and A Plus Finance realized a minority stake in... - December 02, 2012

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