B2B Soft’s New Mobile POS Set to Bust Long Holiday Lines and Improve Sales for Wireless Retailers

Flexible and Personal Service via Mobile POS for Reduced Wait Times and Increased Customer Satisfaction

New York, NY, December 10, 2013 --(PR.com)-- B2B Soft has rolled out its new Mobile POS which revolutionizes customer interaction and the sales experience by bringing the Point-of-Sale directly to the customer. With it, wireless retailers have a new way to further extend the reach of their sales staff and engage customers one on one in a more personalized and efficient way. B2B Soft specializes in creating highly effective retail management solutions for the wireless/cellular retail industry.

The time it takes to service customers is a major headache and one of the most frequent complaints heard from retailers with fixed point-of-sale terminals for serving customers and processing transactions. Wait times can be a significant source of frustration for both customers and sales staff, and the ensuing, rushed transactions due to long line ups often result in poor customer service. Both lead to dissatisfied customers and diminished sales.

B2B Soft’s Mobile POS solves the problem by giving retailers the opportunity to engage and interact with their customers on the sales floor via mobile device, improving the customer experience. Wait times for service and long register line ups can be significantly reduced with the new ability to build transactions, access the product catalog, search for and compare inventory, lookup prices and plans, and then take secure payments, capture signatures and issue receipts from anywhere in the store.

Sales staff can check product inventory across all of a dealer’s locations, which is particularly helpful for securing a much wanted item not available in stock at the current store. Quick, efficient and accurate location stock counts and reconciliations can also be done from anywhere, saving time and minimizing discrepancies.

“Mobile POS provides a more convivial and convenient way to do business—customers enjoy a more personalized experience, and retailers can serve more customers more effectively in the same amount of retail space and in less time,” says Don Rossi, B2B Soft’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “Mobile POS will make a huge difference this holiday season as folks thronging into stores for the latest devices can be better and more efficiently served. It’s another way we’re streamlining business processes for wireless dealers for more profitable results.”

Adopted by more than 6,000 wireless dealers and master agents as the industry’s premiere Point-of-Sale solution, B2B Soft’s Wireless Standard provides operators with seamless transactions, streamlined store operations, inventory control, loss prevention, resource management, integrated payment solutions and powerful business intelligence.

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B2B Soft develops innovative software solutions for wireless and general retail markets and provides consulting services that enable growth and drive business success. With over a decade of proven experience in wireless retail, B2B Soft is a leader in building enterprise point of sale solutions that improve management and operational processes while helping companies engage their customers by providing a superior customer experience.

B2B Soft’s business management services include mobile POS, Real-time Web Reporting and Activation, Real-time Business Intelligence Analysis, Inventory Control, POS Transaction Processing, CRM (Marketing & Customer Service), Kiosk and Lobby Management, Employee Management, and Commission Reconciliation. Today, more than 6,000 wireless retailers rely on B2B Soft its Wireless Standard Retail Management Platform to make the business of doing business simpler and more profitable. Visit www.b2bsoft.com and www.wirelessstandard.com.
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