B2B Soft and Kronos’ SaaShr Team Up to Bring Sophisticated Time and Labor Management Solutions to Wireless Retailers

Wireless Standard’s New Time and Attendance Module Streamlines Scheduling, Time and Attendance Data Collection and Payroll Data Prep for Export

New York, NY, December 17, 2013 --(PR.com)-- B2B Soft and Saashr recently entered into a long term partnership to bring time and attendance management solutions to wireless retailers. SaaShr is a Kronos company and a leading provider of software as a service (SaaS) workforce management solutions. Its time and labor management application is now integrated with B2B Soft’s Wireless Standard Retail Management Platform. Adopted by more than 6,000 wireless dealers and master agents as the industry’s premiere Point-of-Sale solution, B2B Soft’s Wireless Standard provides operators with seamless transactions, streamlined store operations, inventory control, loss prevention, resource management, integrated payment solutions and powerful business intelligence.

Scheduling working hours, tracking employee time and attendance as well as providing accurate information for payroll can be a cumbersome and time consuming process for retailers. Keeping track of employees’ time worked, time off, and time missed and entering that data manually from paper time sheets for payroll can result in errors and more time lost tracking down discrepancies. For wireless retailers with multiple stores in different states with differing labor laws, the problems can be easily magnified.

B2B Soft’s new Time and Attendance module solves the problem for retailers by streamlining scheduling, time and attendance data collection and the completion of data for payroll purposes, while ensuring compliance with local labor laws. The new integration of SaaShr’s application with Wireless Standard now gives retailers the ability to manage schedules across various time zones and export data to dozens of major payroll companies and platforms for seamless payout to employees, all from one platform. The ability to produce this payroll export eliminates dual entry into different systems, saving time and money, and reducing errors.

The module provides each employee with a dashboard to view schedules, request time off, see work time accrued and check messages from managers, all from a mobile device. It assists employers with creating work schedules, managing budgets, overtime and pay periods and automates time and attendance data collection with mobile, internet and biometric time clocks.

“We’re really excited to work with SaaShr to deliver and put to work the most sophisticated business management tools around for wireless retailers,” says Don Rossi, B2B Soft’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “Automating time and attendance processes saves dealers an enormous amount of time, energy and money. Managers and employees now have all pertinent data available to them to work with, at any time, right at their fingertips. Retailers can track all of their labor costs and prepare payroll data for export across all of their stores, effortlessly. It’s another way we’re making the business of doing business simpler and more effective for dealers and their employees.”

About B2B Soft
B2B Soft develops innovative software solutions for wireless and general retail markets and provides consulting services that enable growth and drive business success. With over a decade of proven experience in wireless retail, B2B Soft is a leader in building enterprise point of sale solutions that improve management and operational processes while helping companies engage their customers by providing a superior customer experience.

B2B Soft’s business management services include mobile POS, Real-time Web Reporting and Activation, Real-time Business Intelligence Analysis, Inventory Control, POS Transaction Processing, CRM (Marketing & Customer Service), Kiosk and Lobby Management, Employee Management, and Commission Reconciliation. Today, more than 6,000 wireless retailers rely on B2B Soft its Wireless Standard Retail Management Platform to make the business of doing business simpler and more profitable. Visit www.b2bsoft.com and www.wirelessstandard.com.

About SaaShr
SaaShr, A Kronos Company, is a leading provider of software as a service (SaaS) workforce management solutions. Under a private-label model, SaaShr provides its time and attendance, human resources, and payroll applications to small and midsize businesses through a network of service providers. To learn more about SaaShr, visit www.saashr.com
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