Guide to European Casinos

A fun guide to the European Casinos loaded with photos and detailed information. Experience a gaming world surrounded by Old World charm.

Miami, FL, September 28, 2007 --( has just added a Guide to European casinos. European casinos are somewhat different than American casinos. Most American Casinos are in hotels, typical sprawling Vegas monsters that house and lodge thousands of patrons. These American casinos hotels are cities within themselves.

European casinos are different, and are not usually connected to a hotel. The Europeans have no Las Vegas concept where the entire city is devoted to gambling. For them, gambling is not something that you do or a special place you have to travel to to enjoy a gambling weekend. For them, it is a way of life, something they take for granted.

One thing that strikes the American at first glance is the dress code. Most European casinos have a dress code where a coat and tie are expected of men and evening wear for the ladies. This is in great contrast to Las Vegas or Atlantic City where blue jeans and shorts are likely to be the norm. But it all adds to the overall ambiance and an enjoyable experience for visitors whether they win or lose at the tables.

One of the best and least expensive ways of visiting the casinos of Europe is via rail. One of the advantages of traveling by rail in Europe is that once you get to your main city, you can take a local transit or underground that will more than likely have a stop a block or two from your hotel. In many cases, your stop might be right in front of the entrance.

The following are just a sampling of the cities served by rail and they all have some of the finest casinos Europe has to offer. London, Calais, Paris, Frankfort, Munich, Lyon, Geneva, Vienna, Venice, Zagreb, Prague, Berlin, Hamburg, Barcelona, Budapest, Warsaw, and Sofia. With the current exchange rate between the dollar and the euro, travel by rail is not only expedient, but smart financial sense.

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