Daniel Levine: Sustainable Energy is Growing on a Major Scale

The public speaker is seeing governments take interest in environmentally-friendly power.

New York, NY, March 01, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Trends expert and keynote speaker Daniel Levine is seeing a growing number of trends dealing with government sustainability. Creating resources that do not deplete the environment are a high priority for businesses, and governments of all levels are starting to make similar changes.

“Goverments of all levels are looking for ways to find renewable or resource-saving energy sources,” says Levine. “This environmentally-friendly way of creating power is a growing trend, and bureaucracies are taking notice.”

Iceland has long embraced the trend of sustainable energy sources, taking advantage of its small population and numerous volcanoes to tap into its limitless supply of geothermal energy. Now, other locations are exploring their potential for clean energy sources. Eigg, a small island off of the coast of Scotland, is employing a mix of solar, hydro, and wind power to move away from fossil fuels. And several small islands in the Caribbean are adopted wind power, with encouragement from Richard Branson.

Even major cities, like New York, are getting in on the trend. There have been efforts to take waste heat from subways and other transit systems and turn it into useable power. This waste heat is usually seen in the form of steam, and engineers want to turn it into something more useful.

“This trend shows the power of change within a society,” says public speaker Levine. “Governments by nature are conservative, so for ruling bodies to make these kinds of changes, it shows that the values of society in general are shifting.”

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