Chicago Prime Meat's President Ken Agojci Talks Home Delivery of USDA Prime Beef and Fresh Meats

Chicago Prime Meat’s President, Ken Agojci was kind enough to talk prime beef, the long-awaited start of grilling season, and why Chicago Prime Meats works as hard as it does to deliver top-quality seafood and meats to Glen Ellyn and the surrounding Suburbs.

Chicago Prime Meat's President Ken Agojci Talks Home Delivery of USDA Prime Beef and Fresh Meats
Chicago, IL, March 07, 2014 --( Q: What was your vision when you began Chicago Prime Meats 7 years ago?

A: I am first and foremost a lover of food. It was always a desire of mine to be able to buy the USDA Prime steaks and cuts of beef that I could only find at fancy steakhouses. I wanted everyone to be able to enjoy food of this quality, without the expense and pretense of fine dining.

Q: How are your products different from those you would find at a supermarket?

A: Prime beef is one way in which we are different. But also, we’re in a category of our own because all of our meats, seafood, and deli selections arrive fresh, and are never frozen before arriving to your dinner table.

Q: You mentioned USDA Prime beef, is that really so different from other steaks?

A: Absolutely. The USDA only grades about 2-3% of beef as Prime. From there, we only select the top 20% of Prime beef. So what we offer is top-tier even among the most elite quality of beef. Your mouth will immediately understand the difference. Prime beef is from younger cows, and has more marbling, or fat distributed within the meat, which once cooked, gives you a completely superior dining experience. The tenderness and flavor are unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.

Q: How does meat arrive to your store? What do you do before serving it?

A: We receive Primal Cuts of beef: the Chuck, the Shank, the Loin, the Rib, the Short Plate, the Round, The Flank, The Brisket. We have our award-winning butchers cut them into steaks, roasts, and other popular cuts, and then we serve it quickly at the peak of freshness to our customers.

Q: Glen Ellyn is a bit far for some people to travel to pick up ingredients for dinner, are there other options to get Chicago Prime Meats into your home?

A: Of course! We have a delivery service that comes to your home any day or time you like! You can select any products from our website and have them delivered right to your door, all you have to do is grill and enjoy.

Q: What about seafood in Chicago? You must have to freeze ocean fish prior to serving.

A: Absolutely not! Our seafood in all of it’s forms is fresh, and wild-caught in most cases. We believe in serving only the best, and frozen fish loses it’s flavor and texture in the freezing process, so we serve only fresh shellfish (with exception of shrimp and Lobster tales), finfish, and other seafood.

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