New Military Historical Drama "Freedom Deal: Story of Lucky" Reveals a Supernatural Side to the US-Vietnam Conflict

New Movie is Released on VOD (Video on Demand) and Public Performance DVD for Universities, Libraries, and Schools

Los Angeles, CA, March 14, 2014 --( A new film from Southeast Asia, ‘Freedom Deal: The Story of Lucky’, reveals a supernatural and never-before-seen look at a little known part of the US-Vietnam conflict in Cambodia.

This original military history drama is now available on VOD (Video on Demand) through at, while Public Performance Rights DVD versions with DSL Digital Site License for Universities, Schools, and Libraries are available through Amazon’s Createspace at

‘Freedom Deal: Story of Lucky’, produced in 2013 in Cambodia, is set along the border in 1970 as US and Army of South Vietnam troops make their way across in search of NVA and Viet Cong sanctuaries. The ‘Cambodia Incursion’ as it would be known sparked waves of controversy and protest worldwide as it was perceived to be an expansion of the conflict.

Most Americans still associate Nixon’s ‘Cambodia Incursion’ with violent student protests that raged from Berkeley to Kent State University...but what was really happening on the ground in Cambodia?

“I lived and worked and researched in Cambodia for more than six years to get this story down,” says writer-director J Rosette and his co-producer Oscar Winner of production company Camerado SE Asia. “My Khmer colleagues and I travelled to some incredibly remote jungle areas, and even stumbled upon the elusive ‘Pentagon of North Vietnam’– COSVN – in the process of researching this story.”

This chapter of US-Asian history is explored onscreen for the first time, while introducing a metaphysical horror aspect: a folkloric Asian vampire-ghost is unleashed by the conflict, and roams the battlefields attracted by the smell of blood.

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