, Inc. Develops New Cluster Technology to Recover RAID Arrays More Efficiently

Phoenix, AZ, March 19, 2014 --(, a world leader in server data recovery services, announced the development of new cluster-based technology that will allow for dramatic improvements in RAID data recovery turnaround times.

In computing, RAID stands for “Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks." Companies often use RAID storage systems to efficiently handle large amounts of data, and in some cases, hundreds of individual hard drives are combined to form one massive storage unit. However, RAID arrays are prone to failure, and a major catastrophe can cause serious data loss in a matter of seconds.

The new technology invented by utilizes a private computing cloud to handle the computing-intensive nature of RAID recovery. Prior to this development, data recovery companies used individual servers to recover essential data. While this process was ultimately effective, it could sometimes take weeks or months to yield results for larger RAID arrays.'s computing clusters are exponentially faster than individual servers, and the company can recover many RAID arrays in less than a day by using the new process.

"Most of the time spent on a typical RAID data recovery process involves waiting for complex processes to complete," said Ben Carmitchel, President of "Our engineers can recover data from damaged individual hard drives in a matter of hours, but with RAID data recovery, we often spent a lot of time just waiting for our servers to finish the job. Now we have a great solution to speed up the process."

While cluster-based computing is not new, it was not an effective tool for data recovery due to technological limitations of the software code and also the high costs associated with private clusters. The company is thought to be the first major provider to utilize cloud computing for RAID data recovery.

Downtime is a major factor in the RAID data recovery process. Many companies depend heavily on their servers, and a long turnaround time can significantly increase the costs of data loss. has already seen average turnaround times drop by several days for some larger systems.

"With this new technology, we can build a private cloud for every case after determining the exact number of servers needed for each array," said Carmitchel. "This will cut downtime and save our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in some cases."

The new technology is completely safe, and customer data is never stored on externally-accessible servers. is a world leader in data recovery and computer forensics. With four locations in California, Illinois, Arizona, and Toronto, the company provides a variety of services to thousands of clients each year. Visit for more information.
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