iLoveKickboxing-Sandy Hosts Self Defense Kickboxing Class for Sandy Clients

iLoveKickboxing-Sandy teaches students how Kickboxing techniques can also be used for self defense in their special “Self Defense Kickboxing” class.

Sandy, UT, April 02, 2014 --( Last weekend iLoveKickboxing-Sandy and Personal Mastery Martial Arts hosted a free themed Kickboxing class for their clients called “Self Defense Kickboxing.” They were super excited to offer this special class to their students. The instructors Anissa Berriochoa and Aaron Doucet, who taught the class, said, “We were excited to teach this class so that we could show our students how the techniques they use in class all the time can be used not only for exercise, but also to defend themselves. They already knew the techniques and the proper form from taking Kickboxing classes so it was awesome to be able to focus on application in self defense.”

While most Kickboxing classes focus on using martial arts techniques to get a great workout, this class was a little different. The focus was not on just the workout, but also teaching the participants how the techniques they were using would apply in a self defense situation. Those who attended still got an amazing workout, and they also left with a much stronger understanding of how they could realistically defend themselves if they ever needed to. The class included partner drills to help the students learn how to flow between different techniques and where to hit their target, resistance drills that taught them how their body might react under extreme stress (heavier limbs, etc.), and much more!

One participant, Vanessa Black, said, “I loved the whole class, but I especially love feeling like I know better now how to defend myself were I ever to find myself in that position. It was great instruction and a great workout.”

Anissa Berriochoa is a regular instructor at iLoveKickboxing-Sandy and has been teaching Kickboxing classes for 1 year. She is also iLoveKickboxing-Sandy’s nutrition specialist. Aaron Doucet has been training in martial arts since 1999 when he was just 4 years old. He has a 4th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a 2nd degree black belt in Tactical Self Defense training.

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