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Orlando, FL, October 09, 2007 --( In our modern era, spiritual corruption often breeds parasitism and fanaticism. Author Joubert Richardson shows how religion can actively champion the cause of justice and contribute to the development of a nation. The Maïeutologue synthesizes more than two decades of philosophical introspection.

A “maïeutologue” is one who knows the truth through logical reasoning and uses it to promote universal equity. In The Maïeutologue, Haitian-born author Joubert Richardson explores the natural landscape with a view toward unveiling the will of God, and invites us to take the time for a self-governing meditation on the gospel of hell. Richardson proposes the doctrine of autotelism, whose ultimate principle is the knowledge of truth through spiritual self-sufficiency. “After using our equitable judgement,” he says, “we will be liberated for truth inspires intuitive sovereignty. By relieving ourselves of the burden of religious fanaticism, we can create an environment that is productive and one that befits our faculty of universal cognizance.”

According to the author, world spiritual corruption facilitates parasitism and fanaticism, which are detrimental to collective security. “Religion must serve the cause of justice by contributing to the development of the nation.” While Richardson discusses dogma and belief, The Maïeutologue is not a historical analysis of the major religions of the world, but an alternative to what he calls “the gospel of fear.” He maintains that lengthy prayer and mystification of nature’s phenomena enfeeble our perception of reality. According to him, the search of a supernatural fate based upon fear and superstition is wrong and should be denounced. “Spiritual self-sufficiency,” he says, “must be the premier principle in our lives. The transcendent mode of our judgment confers on us privilege of amendment and authority to determine the fortune of the world.”

Designed to channel human energy toward equitable cultivation and protection of existence, The Maïeutologue teaches readers how to recognize and to honor the truth. It intervenes to break the chain of fear that enslaves the children of God, enhancing the power of human choice in the determination of world destiny. “We earn paradise not through intercessional mystification, but through culture and protection of existence,” he writes. The Maïeutologue is available in both English and French.

ISBN: 978-1-4327-0137-6 Format: 6 x 9 Paperback SRP: $17.95
ISBN: 978-1-4327-0170-3 Format: 6 x 9 Hardback with Jacket SRP: $28.95

Genre: Religion/Philosophy

About the Author: Born in Haiti, Richardson now lives in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. His other works include the 2004 novel The Conways’ Conspiracy.

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