"Let the World Unite" is in Stores This Month

Full length 10-track album "Let The World Unite" by No-Limitt is set to hit stores on April 29th.

New York, NY, April 24, 2014 --(PR.com)-- It has come as no surprise when No-Limitt gained critical acclaim for their debut World Music and African Styled album Gbakurumo (Hold On) back in 2011. That crossover from a pure Nigerian and African artist, to a Top 40 Pop artist is why the main duo of the group is set to release their sophomore release with Tropical Records is entitled, Let The World Unit.

The first single being worked to radio stations around the world is the hit song, 'Celebration Of Life.' With more than 533 spins last week (up from 395 plays in its first week at radio), two PD's have already rated the song at a perfect “10” score rating while Maurizio Santi and Dee Jay Santi at Radio Mela, Modena Radio City and at Radio Mela states the first single as the “Future Hit summer 2014?” Also, 100% of all revenues gained by the sales and plays at YouTube of the 'African Life' Song and Music Video, go direct to the Stop Wild Life Crime at the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature). The video has already churned out more than 15,000 views before the street date and after about three weeks of being posted online.

The audacious duo is now set to release their second full length 10-track album "Let The World Unit," a fusion of straight up pop music along with a World Music base. The overall sound is traditional and accessible, especially if you won some type of sporting event or if you are just winning at life, the 'Celebration Of Life' single is an uplifting “It's A Small World” like vibe that is just righteous when it comes to living life happily. There are great hooks that will keep you singing along and the album is filled with songs and sounds with a steady bass line of African house rhythms known to be the “AfroLife Master” in the world of No-Limitt.

The entire album for that matter sends out great messages on so many levels. Its a very uplifting album keeping focused to their overall sound, however, most of the songs on this current CD are done in English which has been perfect for placement at radio and with regard to licensing (Debut CD was all sung in Nigerian and African). All songs are written by Skeldee and Danny who make up the main Duo part of No-Limitt. The entire new CD was Produced, Mixed and mastered by Emzreel Simeon at the Green Studio in Nigeria.

Songwriters/composers/singers Skeldee and Danny are the main vocalists and producer (Emzreel) Simeon no doubt went right at the mainstream to target the every listener and notably, the young, teenage and dance crowd - and so far, it has been great for the band. The result seen on this new CD is a fun and delightful collection of World Music and Pop Songs that reach out to ever walk of life that loves life. This album is an incredible way to show the true African form of expression which is great for music today.

No-Limitt's music and songs are about political issues, social issues such as abuse, poverty and the need for more education. It is their positive outlook on life that has given No-Limitt their individual quality in their music and that respect for life is what is heard in their music. More music and songs that round off the album are full of upbeat material with that steady bass line and wonderful melodies that has make up that great energy on this album. They also deliver songs with beautiful vocals and harmonies on the rest of the songs like “Keep Hope Alive”, “Asiko Mi (My Time),” “Let The World Unite,” “African Life (Afrolife),” “Oti Ya (It’s Happening),” “Celebration Of Life,” “Ibadinijo (Wine Your Waist),” “Happy Birthday,” “Enemies,” “Ore Te Se Funmi (Good Things You Have Done For Me)."

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