Daniel Levine: Lighting is Quickly Evolving

The trends expert is following a number of trends that embrace lighting technology.

New York, NY, May 09, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Trends expert and keynote speaker Daniel Levine is seeing a number of ideas that embrace new ideas in lighting.

“Lighting has become significantly cheaper over the last few years,” says public speaker Daniel Levine. “Innovators are working on making illumination even cheaper. That’s creating a variety of ways to brighten up the dark.”

Advances in solar power are generating a variety of lighting options. Bridges, like the Blackfriars in London, are using captured sunlight to power lights, signs, and other illuminations along their spans. Solar power is being used in a variety of houses as well, and is even being incorporated into hand-held devices for camping and outdoor adventuring. Efficient LED lighting is also making lighting easier to generate. In cities across the globe, this reliable source is being used to generate dramatic displays at night that can be changed to suit certain themes and ideas. Individual households are also benefiting from LED light bulbs, which last significantly longer and operate much cheaper than traditional bulbs.

Humans have become so talented at lighting up the night, they’re now working to provide the power of light to living things. Thus far, sheep and plant life have been genetically modified to glow in the dark. What could be next?

“For a long time, electricity was, in some ways, a novelty,” says keynote speaker Daniel Levine. “People were happy having incandescent light at their disposal. But environmental concerns and improvements in technology have made lighting cheaper, and that’s created a trend in new ideas and new designs.”

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