TVS Television Network Expands IWA Wrestling Deal with GALLI Lucha in Chicago

The TVS Television Network, owner of IWA Wrestling since 1975, has made GALLI Lucha the Exclusive Promoter of Live IWA Events after a SRO TV taping in Chicago in May.

California City, CA, June 01, 2014 --( The TVS Television Network, the fourth oldest commercial broadcast television network in the USA, has expanded its IWA Wrestling deal with GALLI Lucha to have the Chicago based wrestling promoter become it's exclusive promoter. TVS, which was founded in 1960, formed the International Wrestling Association in 1975 as the first nationwide wrestling company. Until then, all pro wrestling groups were local or regional. TVS syndicated IWA wrestling on nationwide broadcast TV in 1975-6, and then again in the 1990's on home video and the 2000's on IPTV.

In May, GALLI Lucha produced the first new generation of IWA wrestling in its Chicago area arena. The event was so successful that TVS has now made the Agreement exclusive.

On June 8, GALLI Lucha will promote another IWA taping show in Chicago.

The new IWA Wrestling team features stars such as Discovery, Noriega, Mojo McQueen, Bryce Benjamin, Kid Hybrid, and N8 Mattson. Ricky Cruz, Mike Anthony, and Mike Matthews.

Original IWA Wrestling stars in 1975 included still IWA Heavyweight Champion Mil Mascaras, Rip Hawk, Hacksaw Reynolds, Eric the Red, Ernie Ladd, The Somoans, Dino Bravo and Gino Brito, Tex McKenzie, Cowboy Bob Ellis, Ivan Koloff, Ox Baker, Argentina Apollo, and The Love Bothers.

The IWA wrestling is a blend of American, Mexican, European, and Japanese wrestling styles. TVS is distributing the new and classic IWA wrestling shows on broadcast TV, cable TV, IPTV, and home video platforms internationally.

TVS currently operates the TVS Classic TV Network on a full time streaming service on Tulix and a video on demand service via Dailymotion. New IWA on TVS wrestling shows will be seen on the TVS Television Network, both on full time streaming and video on demand platforms.

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