Quantum Workplace Unveils World’s First Social Exit Survey

Quantum Workplace revolutionizes organizations’ ability to analyze turnover.

Omaha, NE, June 10, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Today, Quantum Workplace, a leading employee engagement technology company, announced the official release of Wyygo. Revolutionizing traditional exit surveys, Wyygo gathers feedback from both exiting employees and their remaining coworkers to uncover hidden turnover truths.

“The hard and soft costs of employee turnover are massive,” said Phil Haussler, Director of Product Development. “Stopping turnover and retaining top talent is a key competitive advantage. And yet, everyone agrees that the way we attempt to understand and stop turnover—via traditional exit surveys or interviews—is broken. Few people respond, and if they do, they’re unlikely to share any hard truths for fear of burning bridges.”

Unlike traditional exit interviews, Wyygo results in high response rates and high-quality data. Beta Wyygo users experienced an average 80 percent response rate, 60 percentage-points higher than traditional exit surveys. In addition, by including the exiting employee’s peers, organizations receive a fuller, more accurate view of turnover.

Mike Hiffa, Executive Vice President of Human Resources at Jackson Healthcare and a beta Wyygo user since late 2013, has uncovered the benefits of leveraging peer feedback.

“The powerful thing about Wyygo is that it lets our remaining associates talk candidly to the manager,” said Hiffa. “When they hear feedback from us in HR—or even from departing employees—it’s easy to push it to the wayside. But when the manager hears from their remaining team members, it’s a wake up call they can’t ignore.”

Moreover, turnover data collected via traditional exit interviews is rarely analyzed in aggregate, due to the time and effort required to manage it. Wyygo gives organizations the opportunity to analyze aggregate turnover data quickly, all in one tool. Detailed and user-friendly reporting includes a concise, actionable summary of each exit, as well as top-level analysis of trends over time with the ability to segment by demographic and impact. This insight gives organizations the opportunity to develop an actionable, fact-driven retention strategy.

Wyygo is an innovative addition to Quantum Workplace’s engagement analytics platform. Quantum Workplace’s suite of products helps organizations leverage feedback throughout the employee lifecycle and harness it for good. Some offerings include a comprehensive and customizable engagement survey, internal and external benchmarks, reporting and analytics, manager tools, action tracking, and targeted learning.

Quantum Workplace launched Wyygo beta in 2013. Based off market and user feedback, various improvements were made throughout the year. Some of the user-driven enhancements included: the ability to analyze voluntary, involuntary, and retirement feedback separately; the ability to include exiter feedback; the ability to compare and contrast exiter and peer feedback; and the implementation of customizable and mobile-friendly surveys.

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