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New York, NY, October 17, 2007 --( Lawrence Lueder, author of the memoir A 1950s American Childhood in Morocco, turns his talents toward science fiction with the publication of Sunaru, an exciting debut to a new series.

Outskirts Press is pleased to announce the publication of Sunaru, first in a new science fiction series by author Lawrence Lueder. Far in the future, humankind has spread across the solar system. Residents of Mars and the moon Titan join forces to explore a new planet in a distant galaxy. It is a planet much like Earth, except that its axis is tilted as that of Uranus—so half of the planet is in perpetual sunlight, the other half is forever in shadow. There are no signs of a pre-existing civilization, so they decide to settle on this new planet; and, because of its similarity to Uranus, the new colonists name it “Sunaru”—Uranus spelled backwards.

However, they very quickly discover that they are not alone…

“I try to propose some interesting new concepts for space travel, sexuality, longevity, methods of communication, and more,” says Lueder. “I speculate on how humans might survive on a journey that could realistically take decades to accomplish.”

Sunaru is an exciting first contact story, one that will have the reader eagerly awaiting Lueder’s next installment.

ISBN: 978-1-4327-1355-3 Format: 5x8 paperback SRP: $12.95
Genre: Science Fiction/Series

Lawrence Lueder was born in Montana, spent a large part of his childhood in Morocco, and the remainder of his adolescence following his parents around the United States. Finally, the family settled in New Jersey, where Lawrence still lives and works today. He is the author of A 1950s American Childhood in Morocco, a tale of what it was like living on and off the military base in Morocco. A sequel to this book, Mom’s Chicken House, will be released in 2008. Visit Lawrence on the Web at, where you will find information on his graphic and design work.

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