Daniel Levine: Robotic Technology is Taking on Human Tasks

The trends expert reports a growing number of tasks for programmed machines.

New York, NY, June 26, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Daniel Levine, the noted trends expert and keynote speaker, is reporting a sharp increase in the number of uses for robotics.

“This trend is like something out of science fiction,” says Daniel Levine. “Robots are being deployed to do things that only humans could do just a few years ago.”

Robots are being used to do all kinds of humanoid tasks. There is all kinds of talk about driverless cars, vehicles that are controlled by computer programs instead of human drivers. In Dusseldorf, Germany, robots are being used to automatically park cars. The technology allows travelers to leave their cars at the terminal door and allows the robotics to take control of vehicles. At the office, technology is allowing telecommuters to get around the office. A new device, affixed with a camera and remote control, allows for person working out of the office to take part in regular office activities from afar.

But robots are doing more than just moving people. There is a programmed bar kit on the market that is programmed to mix cocktails. Major newspapers are beginning to employ robots to write news briefs for their websites, with information received from official sources. And in Japan, robots are starting to make their debut on stage, serving as actors alongside humans in theatrical productions.

“Robotic technology has improved to the point that it is being employed for all kinds of uses,” says Daniel Levine. “But with that in mind, it must be kept in mind that many people are nervous about such things. Robotics has such a massive impact on society, on jobs, and on the economy as a whole. There has to be a balance between useful technology and letting people have a use.”

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