Initial Release of a Next Generation Text Translation System of CryptoGateway Software Inc.

The client of the global text resource management (GTRM) system of CryptoGateway Software Inc. is released.

Vancouver, Canada, October 19, 2007 --( Initial release of GTRM. CryptoGateway Software Inc. published its client of Global Text Resource Management System (GTRM) for its sub-domain

GTRM is a smart client for a next generation service of CryptoGateway at used to do text information management and cross language translations.

It is a general purpose translation system designed to have the following characteristics, namely it is a

1. open, access to all, unified platform;
2. evolutional quality elevation environment;
3. massive scalable collaboration coordinator;
4. dynamic context based classification scheme;
5. user contributed, reviewed, and consumed resource;
6. better contributions and contributors filter at single resource and usage context level;
7. open or closed business activity coordination hosting platform;
8. multi-level context oriented linguistic study and research tool;

for the production, management, analysis and synthesis, and distribution of cross culture media data. It has several mutually convertible and user customizable formats, including the popular ones like XML and .Net software resource one, under an unified interface. It is also customizable to fit a user's target data representation formats.

About Lexica2.Com

Lexica2.Com is a sub-domain of It is a next generation, service oriented system specialized in distributed global text resource production and distribution management.

About CryptoGateway Software Inc.

CryptoGateway do development and research to provide key technologies and systems to handle the ever growing data flow and connections on the internent. Their information architecture is user oriented, context driven, and evolutionary.

The declarative security system of CryptoGateway is a breakthrough in distributed key/certificate exchange and secured global digital ID management technology that is unparallelled by the existing ones. It solves some known problems and eases other hardships in security policy and solution deployment, fine grain and private entity to entity identification that is stateful, remote access control, information security enforcement, and digital right and content management and distribution. The technologies are geared towards making it possible for the systems that are based on them to form independent logic layers above the hardware and software environments that those systems reside.

CryptoGateway Software Inc.
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