Glagoslav Releases "Don’t Call Me a Victim!," a Documentary Novel by Dina Yafasova

Coming out in English in August 2014 amidst the uproar and instability that engulfs many regions, Yafasova’s documentary novel questions the human cost of democracy and the values we live by.

London, United Kingdom, August 14, 2014 --( "Don’t Call Me a Victim!" revolves around the life of Archana Guha, whose unique destiny has been the subject of continuous media attention for nearly twenty years in India, Europe, USA and Japan. Arrested on trumped-up political charges and tortured by the police, Archana survived the ordeal, but left paralysed in both legs. Archana’s brother initiated a public campaign against the torturers, which the family was sucked into for more than 20 years. His pursuit of revenge became a way of life which took Archana hostage for a second time.

"Don’t Call Me a Victim!" is a heartfelt documentary account of Archana’s life. This is a political drama about torture as a means of combating terrorism, and about terrorism as a reaction to state terror. It is a human drama about survival, about how to hold on to your humanity when everything has been taken from you.

Born in Uzbekistan, Dina Yafasova worked as an accredited correspondent in Central Asia for the Danish and other international media. For results of her investigative journalistic work that had become known worldwide, Dina was harassed by the Uzbek security services. A series of severe interrogations, repressions and attacks forced her to leave her homeland. Since 2001 Dina lives in Denmark. After years of faithful service at a Danish organization International Media Support, Dina made her debut as a writer in 2006 and never stopped writing since.

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