Glagoslav Publications Brings Out Ilget by Alexander Grigorenko, in Which Magical Realism and Siberian Folklore and Mythology Are Intertwined, Into English for the First

Summary: Ilget is the story of a frail foundling who loses his twin brother, then by the will of mysterious supernatural forces goes from being a thrall under his adoptive father to the leader of a whole tribe. He finds himself enslaved once more when the Mongols invade the banks of his native... - March 14, 2024

Glagoslav Publications Announces the Publication of the Memoir "On the Road to Freedom," by Janko Jesenský in the English Translation

Summary: This book, newly translated into English by Charles S. Kraszewski, is unique among the memoirs that came out of the First World War, as it chronicles not desperate charges or trench warfare, but the daily life of Austrian prisoners of war taken into Russian captivity at the very outset of... - December 03, 2023

Glagoslav Publications Presents the English Translation of the Comic Novella "The Witch of Konotop" by "the Father of Ukrainian Prose" Hryhoriy Kvitka-Osnovyanenko

Summary: Hryhoriy Kvitka-Osnovyanenko (1778–1843) is considered by many to be “the father of Ukrainian prose” and deserving of a wider readership. Born to a prominent Ukrainian family from just outside of Kharkiv, he became a tireless cultural activist for his Ukrainian people. - November 17, 2023

Glagoslav Publications Presents the English Translation of the Pioneering Novel "Boryslav in Flames," by the Renowned Ukrainian Writer and Journalist Ivan Franko

Summary: Boryslav in Flames by Ivan Franko is a pioneering novel that depicts the rise of the labour movement in Western Ukraine. The story unfolds against the backdrop of the industrial revolution in the Austro-Hungarian Empire during the 1860s. As industry burgeons in Boryslav, a nascent working... - November 16, 2023

This September Glagoslav Publications Brings Out the English Translation of a Novel by Ukrainian Author Anastasiia Marsiz

Summary: This powerfully-written first novel from Ukrainian author Anastasiia Marsiz is set in and around Cupra Marittima, a small seaside town on Italy’s Adriatic coast. So closely is the area described, the reader could find their way around without difficulty. They might easily go there... - September 21, 2023

Glagoslav Publications Presents the English Translation of a Collection of Short Stories by Alexander Korotko

Summary: Bera and Cucumber is a series of eight linked short stories. The links between them are manifold and include emigration to Israel and elsewhere, the Old Testament, and the sea. However, by far the main connection is the cosmopolitan city of Odesa, specifically the Jewish quarter, with its... - September 19, 2023

Glagoslav Publications Presents "The Riven Heart of Moscow," the Novel by Mikhail Osorgin, in the English Translation of Svetlana Payne

Summary: In 1914, the Russian Empire is at its peak of affluence. The future looks bright, and spring brings new promise with the migrating swallows heralding summer. Ivan Alexandrovich, internationally renowned professor of ornithology, lives with his granddaughter Tanyusha, an aspiring concert... - August 17, 2023

Glagoslav Publications Publishes a Collection of Works by Jan Kochanowski, One of the Greatest Polish Poets, in English Translation

Summary: Jan Kochanowski (1530–1584) is not only the greatest Polish poet before Adam Mickiewicz, he is also one of the great figures of the European Renaissance. Over the space of his rather brief life, he excelled in every literary genre he attempted: secular lyric poetry and religious... - June 21, 2023

Glagoslav Publications Presents the First English Translation of a Collection of Short Stories by Elena Dolgopyat

Summary: Elena Dolgopyat was born and raised in the USSR, trained as a computer programmer in a Soviet military facility, and retrained as a cinematographer post-perestroika. Fusing her diverse experiences with her own sensitivities and preoccupations, and weaving throughout a colourful thread of... - May 06, 2023

Glagoslav Publications Publishes a Volume of Selected Poetry by Ukrainian Poet Natalka Bilotserkivets

This collection comprises works from different years. Natalka Bilotserkivets is a Ukrainian poet and translator. She was born in the village of Kuianivka near Sumy and was educated at Kyiv University. She married the critic Mykola Riabchuk and lives in Kyiv. She works as an editor for Ukrainian... - April 28, 2023

Glagoslav Publications Makes Available to the English Readership, for the First Time, a Novel the Revolt of the Animals by Nobel-Prize Winner Władysław Reymont

Summary One of the most justly famous literary exposés of the nefarious nature of communist totalitarianism is George Orwell’s Animal Farm (1945). No other work, in fiction or reportage, more accurately describes the dangers of populism, when the righteous grievances of the broad... - November 27, 2022

Glagoslav Publications Publishes English Translation of Andrzej Kotański’s "Poems About My Psychiatrist"

Summary: Kotański’s work is a bestseller in Poland — a status of which few, if any, collections of poetry may boast. To what does it owe its popularity? Kotański’s incisive, bare-bones approach to poetry, which savours of the best compositions of Tadeusz Różewicz and... - November 11, 2022

Glagoslav Publications Publishes a Collection of Ballads and Romances by Adam Mickiewicz in English Translation

Summary: The year 2022 has been designated the Year of Romanticism in Poland. An even two hundred years have passed since the first publication of Adam Mickiewicz’s Ballads and Romances — a collection of lyrics which has the same significance for Polish literature as Wordsworth and... - September 29, 2022

Glagoslav Publications Publishes a Trilingual Edition of War Poems by Ukrainian Poet Alexander Korotko

Summary: Soon after Russia invaded Ukraine on 24th February 2022, author and poet Alexander Korotko began to set down as poetry the turbulent responses at the emotional, philosophical and simply human levels evoked by the resulting war. Thus, we read in the 88 poems in this volume, completed in... - September 14, 2022

Glagoslav Publications Publishes the Gripping, Psychological Novel "Duel" in English Translation by Ukrainian Writer Borys Antonenko-Davydovych

Summary: The central character in the gripping, psychological novel Duel is the Ukrainian intellectual Kost Horobenko. Set in the first years of the new Soviet Ukrainian state, the period of militant Communism, Horobenko, is forever duelling with his alter ego, the Ukrainian nationalist. This... - August 27, 2022

Glagoslav Publications Publishes in English Translation a Collection of Short Stories by Theodore Odrach

Summary: The twenty-two stories in this collection, set mostly in Eastern Europe during World War Two, depict a world fraught with conflict and chaos. Theodore Odrach is witness to the horrors that surround him, and as both an investigative journalist and a skilful storyteller, using humor and... - July 23, 2022

Glagoslav Publications Presents the First Landmark Collection of Selected Poetry in English by the Legendary Singer, Songwriter and Poet Vladimir Vysotsky

Summary: Amongst Russians and people of the former USSR, legendary singer, songwriter and poet Vladimir Vysotsky is loved and admired like no other. His songs championed the underdog, and even today, forty years after his death at a tragically young age, people in countries as far apart as... - July 03, 2022

Glagoslav Publications Published a Novel by the Acclaimed Czech Writer Jiří Kratochvil

Summary: Can something that exists merely as a literary text, say a story, come about in real life? Can reality, to put it another way, steal something from literature, the same way literature steals from reality? Such is the question that Libor Hrach, the author of The Adventures of the Wise... - December 18, 2021

Glagoslav Publications Releases a Collection of Plays by the "Fourth Bard" of Polish Romanticism, Cyprian Norwid

Summary: "Perhaps some day I’ll disappear forever," muses the master-builder Psymmachus in Cyprian Kamil Norwid’s Cleopatra and Caesar, "Becoming one with my work…" Today, exactly two hundred years from the poet’s birth, it is difficult not to hear... - December 17, 2021

Glagoslav Publications is to Publish a 1938 Murder Mystery, "The Night Reporter," by a Renowned Ukrainian Writer, Yuri Vynnychuk

Summary: The events of the novel The Night Reporter take place in Lviv in 1938. Journalist Marko Krylovych, nicknamed the “night reporter” for his nightly coverage of the life of the city’s underbelly, takes on the investigation of the murder of a candidate for president of the... - November 06, 2021

Glagoslav Publications Releases a Bilingual Collection of a Contemporary Polish Poet, Jan Polkowski Voices

Summary: In December 1970, amid a harsh winter and an even harsher economic situation, the ruling communist regime in Poland chose to drastically raise prices on basic foodstuffs. Just before the Christmas holidays, for example, the price of fish, a staple of the traditional Christmas Eve meal,... - October 31, 2021

Glagoslav Publications Releases the First Book-Length Biography of Sergei Tretyakov, a Leading Intellectual, Playwright, and Cultural Theorist of Soviet Russia

Summary: Sergei Tretyakov is one of those artists and intellectuals from the first half of the twentieth century whose name is known, but whose achievements are barely recognized. He seems curiously elusive. Who exactly was he? What did he do? A victim of Stalin’s Great Terror, declared an... - September 25, 2021

Glagoslav Publications Presents the First Instalment Into Its Bosnian Shelf, a Collection of Short Writings by Mima Mihajlović

Summary: This collection of short writings depicts different aspects of ordinary life: work, love, friends, family, as well as language identity, immigration to the Wonderland, and nostalgia for the lost home. Often ironic about herself and her characters, Mima plays with genres to create a... - May 23, 2021

Glagoslav Publications Opens a New Direction in Their Publishing Programme, with the First Translated Work from Slovak, Slavdom by Ľudovít Štúr

Summary: Ľudovít Štúr (1815 – 1856) is poet, publicist, and patriot. But patriot for whom? His native Slovakia? An autonomous federation of Slavic nations under the Habsburg crown? Or Tsarist Russia? While constituting the largest, numerically speaking, ethnic group in... - March 06, 2021

Glagoslav Publications Presents a New Russian Author to the English-Speaking Public, Vladimir Gonik, and His Historical Novel Orchestra

Summary: This novel by Russian novelist and screenwriter Vladimir Gonik is set in eleven countries around the world. Orchestra is based on documentary materials: the author has delved into the archives and met eyewitnesses, and now he recounts secret operations that took place across the globe in... - January 22, 2021

Glagoslav Publishes a Book That Delves Into the Codes of World Civilizations, by a Prominent Russian Politician and Scholar Vyacheslav Nikonov

Summary: In his book, Vyacheslav Nikonov shows the origins of the modern world and traces the chronologies and histories of peoples and countries. Nikonov discusses the main centers of influence and forces that shape the world in which we live. The world demonstrates a variety of development models... - December 23, 2020

Glagoslav Publications is to Publish a New Instalment in Its Czech Portfolio, a Novel by a Contemporary Czech Writer, Jan Balabán

Summary: "Somewhere in the cosmos there are happier places," muses Martin Vrána, the hero of Jan Balabán’s novel Where was the Angel Going?. "People are transported to the planet Earth for punishment. Part of the punishment is their ignorance of the fact. - December 02, 2020

Glagoslav Publications is to Publish a Ukrainian Crime Novel by Andriy Kokotiukha, the Lawyer from Lychakiv Street

Summary: At the beginning of the twentieth century, 1908, a young Kyivan, Klym Koshovy miraculously flies the coop and escapes from persecution by tsarist police to Lviv. However, even here he is arrested – near the corpse of a well-known local lawyer, Yevhen Soyka. The deceased had dubious... - November 16, 2020

Glagoslav Publications Brings Out Russian Lord of the Rings, Mebet by Alexander Grigorenko, Into English for the First Time

Summary: Mebet concerns a man of the taiga, a hunter, in a moving narrative that blends ethnographic detail, indigenous mythology, and the snowy landscapes of the Arctic. The protagonist is a Nenets, a member of one of the peoples who call far northern Russia home. Dubbed “The Gods’... - November 09, 2020

Glagoslav Brings a New Collection of Poetry by the Ukrainian Poet Bohdan Rubchak to the English Reader

Summary: Only a handful of prominent émigré Ukrainian poet-scholar Bohdan Rubchak’s poems have appeared in English translation prior to the publication of this volume. Rubchak died in 2018 at the age of 83 after publishing six collections of poetry, the last for which he... - August 29, 2020

Glagoslav Publications Brings Out Another Award-Winning Novel by the Controversial Author of "Sin" and "Sankya" Zakhar Prilepin, "The Monastery"

Summary: The late 1920s... Convicted of murdering his father, Artiom Goriainov is serving a sentence of several years on the Solovki Archipelago. Artiom is a strong young man who survives all facets of the hell that is the Soviet camps: hunger, cold, betrayal, the death of friends, a failed escape... - July 29, 2020

Glagoslav Brings a New Translation from the Armenian to English Readers, a Collection of Short Stories Robinson by Aram Pachyan

Summary: Robinson is the first book by Aram Pachyan, which earned him the highest governmental award in Armenia, The Presidential Prize for Literature. The volume is made up of 16 short stories; each story is like a small but sharp painting of various characters. The faces in these paintings look... - June 11, 2020

Glagoslav Publications is to Publish a New Installment in Its Polish Portfolio, a Collection of Works by a Contemporary Polish Writer Rafał Wojasiński

Summary: Awarded the prestigious Marek Nowakowski Prize for 2019, Olanda introduces readers to a world one glimpses only through the window of the train, as one would hurry from one important city to another: a provincial world of dilapidated farmhouses and sagging apartment blocks, overgrown... - May 29, 2020

A First Person Account of a Soldier’s Journey at War is to be Released by Glagoslav Publications for the Ukrainian Literature Bookshelf

Summary: The book is a first person account of a soldier’s journey, and is based on Artem Chekh’s diary that he wrote while and after his service in the war in Donbas. One of the most important messages the book conveys is that war means pain. Chekh is not showing the reader any heroic... - May 13, 2020

To Celebrate Russian-British Relations and the Two Countries’ WWII History, Glagoslav Publications Brings Out a Book on a Heroic City of Stalingrad and Its Links to GB

Summary: The author traces the Queen Mother’s formative years, her family life in the palace environment, her growing adoration and ascension to the British throne, how she arranged aid to Stalingrad and was ultimately named an honorary citizen of that city, and other little-known details... - March 19, 2020

Glagoslav Brings a New Translation from the Armenian to English Readers, Point Zero by Narek Malian

Summary: Throughout the whole of human history, people would kill each other in the name of God. They did not know that the God they fought for was the God of Power. The 11th century is known for two historical religious initiatives – the Crusades and Assassins of Syria. Since the 9/11... - March 18, 2020

Glagoslav Brings a New Translation from the Armenian, "Ravens Before Noah" by Susanna Harutyunyan

Summary: This novel is set in the Armenian mountains sometime in 1915-1960. An old man and a new born baby boy escape from the Hamidian massacres in Turkey in 1894 and hide themselves in the ruins of a demolished and abandoned village. The village soon becomes a shelter for many others, who flee... - December 26, 2019

A New Instalment in Glagoslav’s List of Polish Literature, a Collection of Mock Epics by the Polish Playwright Ignacy Krasicki, Was Published

Summary: International brigades of mice and rats join forces to defend the rodents of Poland, threatened with extermination at the paws of cats favoured by the ancient ruler King Popiel, a sybaritic, cowardly ruler... The Hag of Discord incites a vicious rivalry between monastic orders, which only... - December 04, 2019

A New Instalment in Glagoslav’s List of Polish Literature, a Collection of Poems and Dramatic Works by the Polish Avant-Garde Poet Tytus Czyżewski, is Published

Summary: The history of Poland, since the eighteenth century, has been marked by an almost unending struggle for survival. From 1795 through 1945, she was partitioned four times by her stronger neighbours, most of whom were intent on suppressing if not eradicating Polish culture. It is not... - December 04, 2019

A Collection of Short Stories by an Acclaimed Armenian Writer Karine Khodikyan Has Been Published by Glagoslav

Summary: The short fiction of Karine Khodikyan can be described as intellectual fiction for women. These short stories with a “mystical touch” tell stories about women – young and old, happy and sad; even when the protagonist is not a woman, the story will immerse you into the... - November 21, 2019

Glagoslav Has Published Leonardo’s Handwriting, an Unconventional Novel by the Israeli Russian-Language Writer Dina Rubina

Summary: Leonardo’s Handwriting is a romantic moral tale, with an unconventional woman at its heart. Nature has given the heroine, Anna, the gift of clairvoyance, and it is this that determines her singular fate. The characteristic “left-handed mirror handwriting,” which in... - November 16, 2019

The Only Complete Collection of Sergei Tretyakov’s Plays Has Been Published by Glagoslav

When Sergei Tretyakov’s ground-breaking play, I Want a Baby, was banned by Stalin’s censor in 1927, it was a signal that the radical and innovative theatre of the early Soviet years was to be brought to an end. A glittering, unblinking exploration of the realities of post-revolutionary... - September 04, 2019

Glagoslav Publications is Releasing a Biography of Mikhail Bulgakov, Russia’s Most Popular and Best-Loved Writer

Summary: Marietta Chudakova’s biography of Bulgakov was first published in 1988 and remains the most authoritative and comprehensive study of the writer’s life ever produced. It has received acclaim for the journalistic style in which it is written: the author draws on unpublished... - August 31, 2019

A Collection of Short Stories by Armenian Young Writer Grig Has Been Published by Glagoslav

Summary: Jesus’ Cat is the first book by this young prose writer. The stories involved in this collection reveal, on the one hand, a unique writing style, and on the other, an original perspective on the world and people. This combination allows characters to develop in Grig’s creative... - July 31, 2019

Glagoslav Has Published the First Novel by the Russian Playwright and Actor Evgeny Grishkovets

Summary: "The Hemingway Game" is the first novel from Russian playwright and performer of his own plays, Evgeny Grishkovets. "The Hemingway Game" is an urban romance which depicts the life of a shirt over the course of one day (worn in the morning and taken off late at night);... - June 23, 2019

Glagoslav has Published one of the First Works of Russia’s Northern Prose, A Flame Out at Sea, by Dmitry Novikov

Summary: The characters in Novikov’s work are predominantly people of the Russian North: Pomors, Karelians and Komi. In 2013 Novikov, along with other Karelian writers, proclaimed the Manifesto on a New Northern Prose, the mission of which Novikov described as: Though these are trying times... - April 25, 2019

Glagoslav Has Published a Photo Book on the 90s Moscow in Transition

Summary: Robert Stephenson’s book focuses on Moscow following the collapse of the USSR and provides a unique pictorial view of daily life in Russia’s capital city during the turbulent early years of transition to market capitalism. Original photographs and supporting narrative by the... - April 02, 2019

Glagoslav’s New Historical Novel is About Spies, Counterintelligence Services, War Crimes and Love

Summary: Postwar Nuremberg is set to host a historically unprecedented trial of the leaders of the defeated Third Reich. The whole world is awaiting a just verdict, but it is here where Soviet counterintelligence must wage a secret war against forces that seek to prevent that from happening at any... - March 30, 2019

Glagoslav’s New Book Offers Biographical Sketches of Twelve of the Most Prominent Russian Advocates of the Rule of Law Who Changed Russian Law, State, and Society

Summary: Pavel Krasheninnikov’s book "The 12 Apostles of Law" first saw publication in Russia in 2016 and is dedicated to the great legal minds who, through their scholarship and legislative activity, changed Russia’s law, government, and society over two centuries. For over... - February 01, 2019

The Novel Little Zinnobers by Elena Chizhova Has Now Been Brought to English Readers by Glagoslav Publications

Summary: Little Zinnobers is especially fascinating for British readers as we see Shakespeare’s famous sonnets and plays touchingly brought to life by the Russian children and their gifted teacher, the novel’s heroine. The teacher applies some of the playwright’s satire to the... - January 13, 2019

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