Starkweather Outerwear Pre-Launch Announcement

Starkweather outerwear: consistent & up to date solutions for high-performance yet refined and urbane outerwear.

New York, NY, August 21, 2014 --( Starkweather is an outerwear brand that combines low and high tech methods for a result that balances style and function. Intended for urban environments, Starkweather recognizes the need for refined outerwear that also delivers on function. Inspired by the cold winters of Chicago where designer Lee Anderson grew up, each garment is meant to communicate with our bodies and their own natural temperature regulation system to support and enhance it rather than work against it or overcompensate.

Based on ergonomics and minimalism, the collection depends on the movements of the body to inform the placement of seams and closures. The few embellishments employed in the design follow the same language of the body in composition and proportion to flatter the figure. The timeless aesthetic and promise of quality make Starkweather a great wardrobe staple you won’t need to update each year.

Based on a layering principle, Starkweather is made up of three key pieces in the Starkweather trinity: The liner, the overcoat and the crux. The liner, offered in felt or in lambskin for their wind-blocking capabilities, is removable and snaps in and out of the neckline of the overcoat. The overcoat is made of cashmere wool blend with a wind proof backing, keeping it lightweight and formal but performance ready. The crux is the ultimate scarf replacement. Its purity of design is all about ease, covering and protecting the most vulnerable parts of the body: the core and the neck area. Lined with cashmere knit fabric, it is incredibly soft against the neck and in the muff pocket where your hands can seek refuge from the cold.

Made with fabrics from Italy, France and Japan, the collection is manufactured in Romania.

This introductory six-piece collection is currently available for pre-order with delivery in January 2015.
Lee Anderson