B2B Soft and Flashtotalk Partner to Provide Wireless Retailers with Fast and Reliable Device Flashing Services

Access to Device Re-provisioning Helps Dealers Deliver Premium Service and Attain Greater Profitability

New York, NY, August 28, 2014 --(PR.com)-- B2B Soft, a specialist in retail management solutions for the wireless/cellular retail industry, and Flashtotalk, the industry’s leading phone provisioning provider, are pleased to announce a new partnership. Retailers running their businesses with B2B Soft’s Wireless Standard Retail Management Platform can now call on Flashtotalk’s fast and reliable flashing suite to re-provision their customers’ devices to work with a new mobile carrier’s system from within Wireless Standard.

Flashtotalk’s services allow dealers to easily unlock as well as flash customer provided devices to quickly re-provision for use with another network. The process is instrumental in assisting customers who desire to switch carriers without having to purchase new equipment or lose precious data in the process. Dealers are able to acquire new activations along with that customer’s loyalty without incurring the expense of subsidizing and keeping handsets in inventory.

Wireless retailers are able to access Flashtotalk’s convenient services via the Wireless Standard platform. In addition to its user friendly interface, Flashtotalk’s phone flashing experts are available to guide retailers and their staff through the flashing or unlocking process.

Flashtotalk currently supports numerous carriers and over 800 different devices. With Flashtotalk, dealers have the ability to take any CDMA phone and flash to any CDMA carrier that allows foreign ESNs on their network, while GSM phones can be unlocked to work with other GSM wireless carriers.

“We’re pleased to team with Flashtotalk and offer Wireless Standard clients an effective and reliable way to re-provision devices and quickly earn new customers,” says Don Rossi, B2B Soft’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “The new Flashtotalk partnership is another way Wireless Standard simplifies business by helping retailers deliver premium service and attain greater profitability.”

Now adopted by more than 6,000 wireless dealers and master agents as the industry’s premiere Point-of-Sale solution, B2B Soft’s Wireless Standard Retail Management Platform provides operators with seamless transactions, streamlined store operations, inventory control, loss prevention, resource management, integrated payment solutions and powerful business intelligence.

About B2B Soft
B2B Soft develops innovative software solutions for wireless and general retail markets and provides consulting services that enable growth and drive business success. With over a decade of proven experience in wireless retail, B2B Soft is a leader in building enterprise point of sale solutions that improve management and operational processes while helping companies engage their customers by providing a superior customer experience.

B2B Soft’s business management services include mobile POS, Real-time Web Reporting and Activation, Real-time Business Intelligence Analysis, Inventory Control, POS Transaction Processing, CRM (Marketing & Customer Service), Kiosk and Lobby Management, Employee Management, and Commission Reconciliation. Today, more than 6,000 wireless retailers rely on B2B Soft’s Wireless Standard Retail Management Platform to make the business of doing business simpler and more profitable. Visit www.b2bsoft.com.

About Flashtotalk, LLC
Flashtotalk, LLC is a leading CDMA wireless phone provisioning solutions provider. Flashtotalk develops industry leading proprietary provisioning solutions, supporting approximately 2,500 wireless stores in the United States. Flashtotalk LLC has been in the phone flashing industry for over eight years, helping dealers acquire new activations without incurring the expense of subsidizing and keeping handsets in inventory. Visit www.flashtotalk.com.
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