Artezio Introduces Sitrion Enterprise Collaboration Platform on East European Market

Artezio becomes a first Business & Implementation Partner of Sitrion in Eastern Europe.

Moscow, Russia, August 30, 2014 --( Sitrion Social is a SharePoint based enterprise collaboration solution that combines advantages of the enterprise intranet portal and a social network. Such solution can simplify the collaboration of employees thus optimizing business processes, docs workflow, skills and ideas sharing and improving overall climate in the company.

Onno Hektor, Senior Vice President EMEA: "We expect rising interest to corporate collaboration solutions from East-European business. That's why we tried to choose a regional partner that has strong relationships with local key business players as well as significant cooperation experience with US and European high-tech companies. Artezio completely satisfies these criteria and beside that has very good SharePoint projects portfolio, which is a technological platform for our solutions. Artezio became our first partner in the region and already works on several implementations of Sitrion platform."

As an official partner of Sitrion Artezio promotes and implements the product on East European market. Pavel Adylin, Artezio CEO: “Implementation of corporate social networking solutions is now one of the major trends on the regional market. Local companies begin to understand the benefits of enterprise social networking tools so this particular moment is perfect to introduce a new player with a competitive product here. We are glad to partner with Sitrion and expect growing interest to the products and to our implementation services as well.”

The most interested in corporate social networking solutions in the region are large financial institutions and companies from hi-tech segment.

About Sitrion Social
The Sitrion enterprise social platform integrates easily with SharePoint and your existing ecosystem to enable social collaboration across your entire company—all while giving you complete control over security and confidentiality.

Sitrion Social helps employees:
- Interact more easily with coworkers
- Share research and methodologies
- Locate expert support quickly
- Keep up with company developments
- Stay connected on the go
- Create thriving communities

About Sitrion
Sitrion is the leading US based developer of MS SharePoint based platforms that provide the companies with a wide range of social computing advantages. Sitrion helps employees to get their job done better every day. In a complex enterprise world, it enables an engaged workforce to stay connected, make smart decisions and be productive. Leveraging their investments in SAP or SharePoint, millions of users depend on it to drive innovation, discover untapped expertise and simplify business processes. Artezio as the official partner of Sitrion provides various services in deployment and customization of Sitrion Social enterprise platform for large and medium companies with different industry focus.

About Artezio
Artezio is an ISO 9001:2008 certified software development and consulting company. Over the last fourteen years, Artezio has completed more than 1000 projects for its international clients. Since 2005, Artezio is a member and a major offshore division of LANIT group which is a $3.5B IT Services vendor with 7000 employees. From its 7 development centers Artezio delivers cost effective, high quality IT services to clients in North America, Europe, Middle East and Japan.
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