Burrard Physiotherapy Highlights the Importance of Consent in Physiotherapy Treatment

Vancouver, Canada, August 31, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Whether a physiotherapist is suggesting holistic treatments like acupuncture or scientifically medicinal treatments like sports physiotherapy, it is important that all parties involved provide consent. Burrard Physiotherapy (http://burrardphysiotherapy.com/) suggests that patients who do not know what they are getting into ask their physiotherapists about the nature of their treatment, why it is necessary to receive it, and why it has been suggested.

It is particularly important for individual’s to actively ask question about the treatment they are receiving because when attending physiotherapy, a doctor’s referral is not needed unless it is for a WCB or ICBC claim. This means that family doctors are not part of the physiotherapy process and cannot offer helpful advice; the onus of responsibility to find out more information is on the patient.

According to the Burrard Physiotherapy website, “we have 12 physiotherapists on staff with 3 to over 30 years of experience… In addition to their university educations, all our staff attends bi-monthly clinical in-services and significant ongoing education events.” Despite the amount of experience a physiotherapist or any other practitioner may have it is still important for patients to be aware as to what is happening to their bodies. Moreover, an individual may know something about their body that a physiotherapist may not which may affect the treatment.

For example, athletes who require sports physiotherapy have more background information on what they were doing prior to receiving their injury can impact the type of therapy they receive. Current sports physiotherapy treatments at Burrard Physiotherapy include acute and chronic injury rehabilitation, overuse injury treatment, retaining for return to sport, taping and bracing, and pre-season screening.

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