Proctologist Sends Treasure Hunters to Discover Which End is Up in Humorous New Novel

Phoenix, AZ, October 30, 2007 --( When Dr. Simon Glover, proctologist and National Lottery winner, learns that he is dying of prostate cancer, the irony is not lost on him. Wondering what to do with his last remaining months and his millions, he devises a treasure hunt. Choosing four of his most needy and unusual patients to compete for the cash, they have the option to work together and share their winnings or go it alone. Who will win? None of them, if the unknown villain of the story has his (or her) way in the end.

From the very opening, as readers come upon fake kudos for the book written by bogus authors (“I laughed so hard milk shot out my nose.” – Klyve Kussler), it is apparent that a kind of innocent, no-holds-barred humor will lead the way in this funny first novel by author Rick Allen.

The characters alone must give us pause: Dr. Glover and Dr. Poot of the Hiney Health Institute, and the treasure hunters: Duncan, who had a rather painful encounter with a pine cone; Philip, whose underwater adventure led to being impaled by a sea urchin; Becky, who was attacked by a six-inch Christmas ornament; and Allison, whose skydiving days were cut short when she landed on a Saguaro cactus. Dr. Glover, whose sense of humor is even greater than his successful practice, has carefully handpicked each one to embark on a rather unorthodox adventure.

Of course, lurking behind the scenes is one who is doing all he (or she) can to make sure the good doctor’s plans go awry. Thus, thrown into the mix are two Mexican thugs who have been hired to follow the intrepid four every step of the way. What no one knows is that Dr. Glover, who will don a myriad of disguises before this plot completely unravels, is right behind them.

ISBN(s): 1432713362 Format(s): 6 x 9 Paperback SRP: US $16.95/CAN $16.95
Genre: Fiction/Humor

Author Rick Allen, a physician’s assistant in the Phoenix area, has capitalized on his sense of humor, medical background and his long commute to create Proctology Treasure. During his typical three-hour, round-trip commute to and from work, Allen would dictate ideas, dialogue and plot into a recorder. After a full day of working at the Pain Center of Arizona, he would return home and transcribe the dictation into his computer. How did he ever find such a probing plot for creative expression? Allen gives credit to those with whom he works as being “a treasure trove of comedic inspiration.”

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