Creative Biomart Newly Introduced It’s Fc Fusion Protein Production Service

Shirley, NY, October 10, 2014 --( Creative Biomart, a word leading Biotech Company had newly released its novel service of Fc Fusion Protein Production Service in the aim of providing more choices for the scientists conducting biomedical and immunology research.

The potential clinical application of cytokins to modulate immune responses is in great demand, however, most of the cytokins have short circulating half-lives. So in order to facilitate the study of cytokins effects in vivo, a variety of non-lytic immunoglobulin-based cytokin fusion proteins have been created. According to field scientists, Fc fusion Proteins can play an important role in dimerization, in vivo half-life, receptor activation and affinity for the cognate ligand. Since the Fc chimeric proteins contain human-specific glycosylation, so it can be used for studies concerning human proteins and cells.

“In the past few years, we have developed and manufactured high quality and leading edge proteins for biomedical and immunology research. Today we are proud to give the official release of our unique immunoglobulin based chimeric fusion proteins which are supported by advanced cellular and molecular biological techniques. We hope this will give our customers more choices and meet their needs.”

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