Arianna Eisenberg Awarded Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Award for New Book "Jemiyah Jones and the Kingdom of Nir"

Hollywood producer turned author Arianna Eisenberg wins Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Award according to Creative Partners Publishing.

New York, NY, November 04, 2014 --( Film producer turned novelist Arianna Eisenberg has been awarded the Breakthrough Novel Award in Honor of Distinguished Publishing given by bookseller giant Amazon for her new eBook "Jemiyah Jones and the Kingdom of Nir."

Jemiyah Jones is a mythological fantasy story about a fifteen year old English school girl who discovers that she descends from heroic Warrior Queens and possesses great powers because of that bloodline. Fast-paced and dramatic, Jemiyah must use her newly discovered talents to fight Dark Queen Baliekah Pearl after she rises from a centuries long sleep.

Other popular authors are singing the praises of this new book including "Losing to Win" author Randy Jernigan. "Jemiyah Jones held me spellbound from first sentence to last. Arianna's engaging narration and writing style are nothing less than brilliant and captivating. I think we have another J K Rowling on the scene," said the author.

According to other press reports, Jemiyah Jones is the first in a series of seven books that will be released by the author. The book series is also actively being developed as a film series.

As a film and television producer, Eisenberg has a considerable slate of entertainment projects she's working on including, Katie's Story, Mata Hari, and Crossmaglen, just to name a few. She has already begun writing the second book in the series titled, "Jemiyah Jones and the Vampire Ghost Ship."

"Jemiyah Jones and the Kingdom of Nir" is currently listed on Amazon's Kindle and iPad.
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