"Stars That Make A Difference" Book to be Released 2015, Says Author

Rebooted "Stars" book to be released early 2015 says author Randy Jernigan.

New York, NY, December 07, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Fans of such celebrities as Daniel Radcliffe, Ellen Degeneres, Marie Osmond or Taylor Swift can take comfort in knowing that they will soon be able to read more positive details about their favorite stars.

“We’re looking at launching the first book shortly after the beginning of the year,” author Randy Jernigan told a Denver, Colorado radio station in an interview last month. “This book series is the result of a lot of hard work. Not just in interviews, research and writing, but when you’re dealing with celebrities it seems as if you have endless meetings with their reps-attorney’s, agents and pr people. Before we publish we have to get the 'all clear' from their people. I think we’re only waiting on one last approval and then we go to press.”

Writing about the private lives of celebrities has been Randy Jernigan’s bread and butter for the last twenty-two years, doing magazine features on Tom Cruise, Brittney Spears, even Justin Bieber. But, according to Jernigan, you’re not about to find those names in his book.

“I’ve been very selective about who is included in this book series,” explained the author. “'Stars That Make A Difference' is about celebrities that have good reputations for giving back. Those celebs known for caring about their fans and their communities. Not to disrespect the kid but you’re not about to find a biographical sketch of Bieber in one of my books-just not gonna happen,” Jernigan told the interviewer.

When Jernigan first announced that he would be publishing biographical sketches on Radcliffe and Degeneres, the online tabloid press had a field day.

“They attributed things to me that I never said and sensationalized what I did say and caused my book project to look like it was going to be a tell all piece about these really great people that I have a great amount of respect for. This project is a far cry from a tell all,” explained the author.

In the radio interview Jernigan made mention of the work actor Daniel Radcliffe does freely for the “Trevor Project” and that of Marie Osmond and her devotion to sick children and “The Children’s Miracle Network.” Other stars to be included in the series are Ellen Degeneres and Taylor Swift. Both know for their big hearts and giving to those in need.

According to officials at Creative Partners Publishing, the book will be released digitally for the first year, then go to paperback.

“Stars That Make A Difference” will be available at Amazon’s Kindle and other digital platforms early next year.
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