Equicapita Update – Principals of Equicapita Release New Book – “Equicapita’s Little Book of What Next?"

Calgary, Canada, December 10, 2014 --(PR.com)-- The principals of Equicapita are pleased to announce the release of “Equicapita’s Little Book of What Next? The entrepreneur’s guide to preparing, structuring and negotiating the successful sale of your business.”

Greg Tooth, a partner at private business buy-out firm Equicapita commented, "We are big believers in the small business sector ('SME') as a wealth creator in Canada. We created Equicapita to be RRSP eligible to allow qualified investors access to SME investments that are difficult to reach through traditional channels. Because of the compelling mismatch between the amount of business owners seeking exits in relation to the amount of dedicated SME buyout capital we believe this space could provide superior returns over the next decade while the imbalance is rectified and the demographic pressures begin to ease.”

Partner Stephen Johnston stated “The book is a way for us here at Equicapita to help business owners plan for the sale of their company. It can be difficult and trying process. Hopefully 'The Equicapita Little Book of What Next?' can help. Obviously we would also be pleased if after reading the book, that owners consider Equicapita as a potential purchaser of their business.”

Partner Mike Cook continued “We spent a lot of time and effort putting ourselves in the shoes of the owner in the business sale process. As a buyout fund, Equicapita deals with hundreds of potential deals a year so we have a good appreciation of how challenging the process can be for entrepreneurs. Ideally business owners read the book, can some useful insight into how buyers like Equicapita conduct an acquisition and then feel confortable contacting us to investigate sale possibilities.”

Thomas Syvret, Vice President, added “We attempted to distill down a lot of complex experienced gained over a career in private equity into what we believe is an accessible and useful road map for business owners entering into a sale.”

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