CUE Stands Firm on Equity of Internet Access & Net Neutrality -- "No Child Left Offline"

Walnut Creek, CA, December 16, 2014 --( In response to the White House’s plan to keep the Internet free and accessible to all and with the acknowledgment that the FCC will be considering new rules on how to safeguard competition and user choice, CUE has crafted a resolution to the FCC regarding equity of Internet access and net neutrality.

CUE’s rationale begins and ends with educating students effectively. According to the Resolution, “Students need to learn effective collaboration, communication and creativity skills, which are possible only with high speed Internet access. Students need to have access to high speed Internet both at school and at home to continue their learning and, as such, equity of access is critical.”

The CUE board of directors delineated 11 points that the FCC should keep in mind when creating its standards and guidelines for Internet use. Of these points, several address both statewide and nationwide testing that is taking place almost entirely online. The successful implementation of assessment programs relies heavily on all students’ ability to access the Internet with no barriers because of bandwidth limitations or cost prohibitions. In addition, teacher tools and resources increasingly are being created by and disseminated through educational web outlets. Limiting access to these resources is detrimental to both teachers and students.

Equally significant is concern over mergers such as the impending one between Comcast and Time Warner Cable. As they released this letter, the CUE Board stated, “The FCC should not allow this merger or any other similar arrangement to take place without requiring that the parties remove any and all barriers to access of low-cost Internet for all households.”

Read CUE’s complete Resolution here. CUE will be inviting additional groups to join as signatories as well as California State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Torlakson, whose oft-quoted phrase “No child left offline” should be the guiding principle for all future FCC decisions.

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