SML Group Limited Launches GB4 Inlay with NXP UCODE7 Chip for Inventory Accuracy and EAS Loss Prevention

SML Group Limited Launches GB4 Inlay with NXP UCODE7 Chip for Inventory Accuracy and EAS Loss Prevention
New York, NY, January 12, 2015 --( SML announces the launch of its latest inlay, the GB4 today. Incorporating the NXP UCODE7 chip, the inlay brings a smaller foot print and greater sensitivity to item-level inventory applications in retail and supply chains, such as stacked denim and garments on hangers. The unique Product Status Flag, coupled with greater sensitivity is capable of generating an EAS alarm that is comparable to existing Retail Loss Prevention systems.

Fully compliant with Round Rock RFID Patents.

Small footprint at 42x16mm (1.65x0.63in) brings greater power to smaller-size garment labels and Care Labels with washing instructions.

Greater read sensitivity at -21dBm allows for more secure and accurate reading of tags in noisy environments and over longer distances.

Greater write sensitivity at -16dBm allows for faster chip encoding and for bulk encoding.

A Product Status Flag allows for EAS alarm functionality without the need to run a back-end database.

Designed for use as a stick-on label, encapsulation inside an apparel hang-tag or embedding in a Care Label, the inlay can be used to track item-level retail goods. Operating at a frequency of 860-960 MHz, the inlay performs at a standard level across the global UHF RFID frequency band.

The inlay has undergone stringent performance testing and application vetting at the University of Auburn (UoA). It has successfully passed UoA's ARC testing, enabling it to be used in the retail apparel market. Being also Gen2 v2.0 ready, the SML GB4 will be fully compatible with future hardware and software applications which natively implement Gen2 v2.0.

TID based Self Serialization.

“We have combined the UCODE7 chip with our own unique GB4 antenna design and have developed what we consider to be one of the most powerful inlays in the market of this size,” said Henry Lau, Director Global RFID. “We are now confident in designing a range of SML Labels and Tags of increasingly smaller sizes. This is particularly important as we develop our EAS Loss Prevention RFID Care Labels where the inlay will stay with the garment from Cradle to Grave.”

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SML is a global total brand identification solutions provider serving an international clientele consisting of top fashion brands and some of the largest retailers in the world. Its wide range of high quality products includes woven labels, printed fabric labels, EAS, RFID, heat transfer, packaging, specialty trims, printed paper products, etc. With presence in over 30 countries and wholly-owned manufacturing facilities around the world, it is committed to effectively and efficiently serving the worldwide needs of clients and exceeding their expectations in quality, price, service and speed. The SML RFID brand provides for RFID item visibility with EAS-type loss prevention and includes RFID-enabled labels/tickets/hangtags, as well as EPC serial-number chip encoding which is provided through a network of globally located service bureaus. A cloud-based IT data management solution completes the SML RFID package.

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