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BalanceDietâ„¢ Institute (BDI) Announces Food-Based Metabolism Reset

BDI and its Chief Food Scientist, Dr. Patricia Restrepo have announced a completely food-based 3 day program to address several body conditions including gut health, improved metabolism, female hormonal balance, and weight loss.

Miami Beach, FL, January 19, 2015 --( The BDI 3 Day Food-Based Detox is the result of 15 years of research and clinical trials held at the Institute for the purpose of developing a simple yet effective one week protocol which would reset a specific body function such as metabolism, liver, or gut health.

The BDI was founded in 1995 as “MPR Institute,” originally serving as an exclusive private practice and anti-aging research center, with locations in Key Biscayne and Bal Harbor, FL. The location joined the BalanceDiet™ weight loss system in 2014 and underwent a complete renovation and rebranding to “The BalanceDiet Institute,” making many of the signature anti-aging and food-based therapies available to the public for the first time, as well as expanding the reach of the programs to the 35 store and online properties of BalanceDiet™. BDI is lead by Chief Scientist Dr. Patricia Restrepo, a world-renowned speaker, educator, organic chemist, health scientist, and medical doctor.

After successfully losing 45 pounds and curing herself of Type II Diabetes through a completely redesigned diet, Dr. Patricia Restrepo has dedicated much of her professional career to the science of food and advanced nutrition. Her unique clinical programs and products are made available to the public via The BalanceDiet Institute, in Miami's Key Biscayne.

Dr. Patricia Restrepo:
“After several years of research and clinical trials, we were able to combine a very specific blend of foods, eaten at prescribed intervals, to allow for significant progression in various body systems. The protocol is followed for a 72 hour period, and then followed with a 7 day prescribed diet.”

Dr. Restrepo, whom holds a medical degree from Georgetown University, has designed unique 3 day protocols followed with a 7 day stabilization to address several body conditions including gut health, improved metabolism, female hormonal balance, and weight loss.

“The natural chemicals and enzymes in food and plants are powerful, and the combination of these natural chemicals in a controlled environment, such as a 3 day prescribed food plan, can produce very dramatic results for our clients.”

A featured 3 day cleanse variation is offered exclusively each month at the Institute, and available for home delivery exclusively in Miami and select surrounding areas in South Florida.

About BalanceDiet™ Institute:

For over 15 years, BalanceDiet™ Institute has featured highly effective lifestyle and anti-aging programs, including a signature "3 Day Detox," Results Guaranteed weight loss programs, exclusive clinical grade products, and clinical level spa treatments including slimming, intensive anti-aging, and fat reducing massage. The BalanceDiet™ Institute is staffed by highly trained lifestyle consultants and an expert team, delivering top results to our clients with a customized approach. The Institute serves as a research and testing center for BalanceDiet™ products and locations worldwide. For more information on BalanceDiet™, or The BalanceDiet™ Institute, please visit
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