Survival Seeds Are a Must When It Comes to Preparedness Supplies, Says HAGA

Incline Village, NV, February 04, 2015 --( As more and more unforeseen calamities and disasters occur worldwide, the need for a dependable food supply becomes absolutely necessary. Obtaining food during an emergency situation can be a daunting task, and this realization has caused many people to purchase food preparedness supplies such as survival seeds.

Home and Garden America (HAGA), a top-selling heirloom seeds company, has observed this increasing demand for survival seeds. Experts from HAGA also notes that more gardeners now prioritize growing produce in place of flowers.

"This shift from leisure gardening to vegetable gardening is fascinating. Gardening is all about sustainability and survival for many families these days," a HAGA expert remarked.

Preparedness and self-sufficiency go hand in hand. To truly prepare for a disaster, a household must not only possess the proper survival tools but a long-term food source as well. Survival seeds make it possible to start a self-sufficient garden at home, that's why they should always be part of every family's preparedness supplies.

"These special seeds are actually useful in three different scenarios: before, during, and after a catastrophe," the expert said.

"In the first scenario, you can secure your food supply by growing produce ahead of time. This way, you're absolutely prepared even before disaster strikes. In the second scenario, you can sprout your seeds for instant nutrition in case you ever find yourself out of food to eat. For the last scenario, you can start a whole new garden right after a disaster to continue providing food for the family," he continued.

The HAGA expert also advises not to settle for just any survival seeds pack.

"Choosing your survival seeds pack should be done with great consideration. The ideal pack must include a wide variety of organic vegetables, fruits and herbs. The fruits and veggies provide the essential nutrients that a family needs to survive, while the herbs can be used as natural remedies when actual medicine is unavailable during a disaster. You definitely want a seeds pack that you can count on—one that will add value to your preparedness supplies," the expert suggested.

More information about this topic can be found on HAGA's website.

Chuck Harmon writes consumer information material on various products, and his expertise in the field of survival preparedness is no exception. He collects survival seeds and other preparedness supplies for unexpected disasters.
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