Mov Sessian Project Available from Sunset Classics This Month

Clarinetist Claudine Movsessian is one of the most acclaimed classical artists that has manifested in music today - renowned for her melodic, polished, dignified, imaginative, creative clarinet work and for her broad undertaking in delivering a modern day classical tradition to broader and youthful avid listener.

New York, NY, February 07, 2015 --( Over the past few years, she has recorded many musical works including some of the best clarinet repertoire of the current day. Now, Sunset Classics is proud to announce that (Claudine) Movsessian has brought together two other music aficionados (Ema Dei and Dan Handrabur) for what is the first time recording of a full length album of masterpieces on its' debut self titled CD with Sunset (Classics). On this first release at the Sunset Classics & Jazz (SC&J) company, (Claudine) Movsessian performs her glorious clarinet works, along with a never-before-released 'clarinet and orchestral' arrangements of sound recordings, on a twelve (12) song full length album. The self titled debut album, is available in stores on February 10.

“This is one of the most traditional American klezmer albums that I have ever heard,” says Don Lichterman, the head of Sunset, although that applies to the klezmer component of this intriguingly melange of music in general. French clarinetist Claudine Movsessian has gathered friends and created something quite different, yet timeless. Movsessian's clarinet is driving on the first single and the first video entitled "Heyser Bulger", as the trio blends in Rom fiddling to "Oi mama, bin ich verlieb." “There is also a sense of improvisation that pushed its' music to the edges of classical styles, yet it is very accessible for any avid music listener,” (Don) Lichterman continues to say about the self titled CD. “Overall, it is indeed a tad different from typical American klezmer music but there is that international feel throughout all of the recordings on it,” states (Don) Lichterman.

The middle eastern style drums help make up the rhythms on the several klezmer and Yiddish ensembles and (Claudine) she has gathered musicians from around the world, that make up the diverse group. Influences include not only klezmer styles and what be described as Yiddish, its Middle Eastern rhythms are accompanied by clarinet krechts, that make up a lively and what has been described as syncopated classical compositions. The trio that make up the Mov Sessian Project blend itself gently together which creates a powerful group and moreover, a high leveled album from the beginning to the end of it.

(Claudine) Movessian's clarinet playing is second to none and the percussion work is a great blend for fans of world music and of klezmer styled music. The approach to building the songs on this debit album with Sunset (Classics) has been continuously evolving for many years. It just happened to culminate on what became this self titled album. “What fascinates me is how the beauty of the music shines through each song in such a lively way,” says (Don) Lichterman, and is “performed in such a 'romantic' way too which is hard to accomplish this day and age.” (Claudine) Movsessian has had the ability to now collaborate with two amazing crossover music artists, Ema Dei and Dan Handrabur, two music 'specialists' that have helped revolutionize the way that world music and electronic styled music is looked at today. They have all incorporated their own musical philosophies to create this very unique movement if you will, in this international style of music.

In its approach to making a 'modern' yet rooted group of songs on the CD, the hope is to fuse the old with the new, which is key to being a viable classical music artist in this modern day. Claudine Movsessian and her Mov Sessian project has only been an exclusive Sunset Classical artist for less than year, and they have already captured the attention of classical music listeners in no time at all, and in essence is alluring its audiences worldwide with her breathtaking playing and with the overall tones that are just wonderful to hear.

For more information on the Mov Sessian Project, please visit their web site.

Mov Sessian Project Track listing:
1 Carrefour
2 Electro Transe
3 Cosmos
4 Kaleidoscope
5 Haiser Bulgare
6 Babilion
7 Hora
8 Tsumpa
9 Oxygene
10 Parfums D'Orient
11 Le Berger
12 Espace Intersiderale

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