Solamon Announces Bold Strategy; Seeks to Introduce New Solar-Powered Technologies

Solamon Energy Corp. set to augment current market offings with new renewable energy technologies.

Kingston, Jamaica, February 11, 2015 --( Solamon Energy CEO Graeme Boyce is proud to announce today the company in 2015 will be embarking on an ambitious plan to introduce new solar-powered technologies to augment existing proposals to provide solar energy across the Sunbelt. Over the past four years, joining Boyce, Solamon executives have traversed the world meeting leaders at all levels of government and numerous industrial sectors to introduce commercial and large-scale solar power production by implementing turnkey systems such as the Apollo Acre™, a complicated process which involves acquiring land and then obtaining permits to design and ultimately build power plants.

"There are many partnerships which need to be concluded prior to any proposal being put forth," Boyce continues. "These critical partnerships include the people who will finance the operation from start to finish, not only the upfront marketing elements but also the costs to negotiate and acquire land, the engineers to design each unique array, the crews to build and test and trained teams to ultimately operate these integrated systems." Solamon Energy in the past has proposed open-field solutions, as well as those suitable for both rooftops and parking lots, to provide power and ease demand for new electricity traditionally generated, whether by hydro or thermal methods.

Solamon Energy has proposed to decentralize energy delivery, and negate additional transmission requirements, especially in countries that have limited capacity. Based on remote demand for electricity for powering cell phone towers, rural hospitals, clinics or schools, Solamon has met with many companies around the world to seek their input, and help developing nations reach their goals of energy independence effectively and efficiently delivering electricity into communities directly. Boyce and his team, together with their partners, are prepared to offer new technologies that will be solar powered and assist to stimulate growth in a sustainable manner.

"Solar can be used in homes to provide lighting, to power equipment and to charge batteries, for either cell phones or cars, and simply help electrify communities in general," concludes Boyce. "But on a wider scope, today solar energy can power desalinization plants, and water filtration and pumping stations, while also irrigating fields and assist both farmers and companies in the production and processing of crops, and thus we intend this year to present a truly visionary application of solar energy that will hopefully enlighten leaders and lessen their nation's dependence on fossil fuels and ensure a greener economy for future generations."

​For example – the first of its kind in New York City – Brooklyn Bridge Park is getting even greener with the addition of a solar powered electric vehicle (EV) charging station. Brooklyn Bridge Park has already added a number of green areas with lush grass, making it a great spot for both locals and tourists to enjoy the fabulous view of Manhattan and this EV charging station will likely reduce carbon emissions inside the park. ​In addition to solar-powered keyboards and tablets (e-readers) these days, Haidar Taleb, a 47 year old man from UAE, displayed a rare combination of human spirit and willpower when he recently completed a 200-mile long journey on a wheel chair that he has built for himself which runs on solar power. Being a person with polio since the age of 4 has not stopped him from taking up this challenge on this wheelchair, a piece of technological innovation.​

​Solamon Energy Corp typically offers a ground-mounted solar array of integrated cells over a package of land called the Apollo Acre™. The company, including Solamon Ghana, also develops custom solutions with its partners to provide roof-mounted and parking lot systems that are easily augmented by micro wind turbine technology and other innovative features to supply renewable energy locally.

About Solamon: Solamon Energy Corp. offers integrated arrays of ground-mounted and rooftop photovoltaic cells. These solar power plants are connected by cable to varied transmission equipment, including converters, inverters and batteries, utilizing 5 acres of land per unit; each unit is called an Apollo Acre™. Additionally, it is expected the company’s business activities will spin-off many jobs locally, given engineering requirements, construction, unit commissioning and subsequent maintenance.
Solamon Energy Corp.
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