Solamon Announces Bold Strategy; Seeks to Introduce New Solar-Powered Technologies

Solamon Energy Corp. set to augment current market offings with new renewable energy technologies. - February 11, 2015

Solamon Set to Re-Visit Ghana; Unaffected by Ebola Outbreak and Nearby Conflicts

On the heels of launching its "Electrify Africa" campaign earlier this year and in the wake of two extensive visits to Ghana, and most recently meetings held with key stakeholders, Solamon Energy CEO Graeme Boyce says the focus of his executives and new partners heading into 2015 will... - December 04, 2014

Solamon Signs MoU; Adds 50 MW of Projects in Ghana and Burkina Faso to West African Pipeline

Solamon Ghana Ltd. begins West African expansion. - October 12, 2014

Solamon Now in Vietnam; ElectrifyAsia Launched

Solamon rolls out East Asia strategy. - October 12, 2014

Solamon Execs to Launch New Company in Accra: Solamon Ghana to Oversee Shama

Solamon Energy Corp. registers Ghanaian entity. - September 26, 2014

Solamon Signs Teaming Agreement in Ghana; GAT Set to Approach Mining Companies

Solamon Energy set to begin mining initiative, GAT Mining to spearhead. - September 17, 2014

Solamon Receives TIN Approval in Ghana; Formal Registration of Company Going Forward

Solamon Energy, in order to conduct business effectively in Ghana, yesterday received its TIN from the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), the unique identification number issued to all taxpayers for any anticipated financial transactions. Based on the government's stated requirements, in order to first... - September 12, 2014

Solamon to Launch Ghanaian Company; Execs to Attend Energy Conference in Accra

Solamon Execs set to return to Accra. - August 21, 2014

Solamon Invited to Sit at London Energy Roundtable; Yeo to Meet Officials from Cameroon

Having launched and augmenting its Electrify Africa campaign, Solamon Energy Corp is pleased to announce the company has been invited to not only meet senior government officials from Cameroon in London but also while there to sit at a roundtable and provide straight-forward input toward... - May 09, 2014

Solamon Addresses Water Desalinization Issues; Set to Integrate Solar-Powered Systems

In the longer-term, the combination of solar energy with desalination in North Africa could become particularly interesting for Solamon and our partners, explains Jay Yeo from Budapest, Hungary, where he and his staff continue to meet with leaders from across the Maghreb, exploring numerous... - February 22, 2014

Solamon Partners with Manitou; Preparing for PV Installations Across Africa

Solamon Energy Corp is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Manitou Investments effective immediately, which will enable the companies to deliver an array of solar PV solutions into Sub-Saharan, particularly those countries in Central Africa. As a critical part of Solamon's Electrify... - February 22, 2014

Solamon Recognizes Importance of Grid Parity Announcements; Set to Develop Installations Across Sunbelt

Solamon Energy Corp's Jay Yeo proudly announced today the company will continue its growth into South Asia this year, and increase budgets supporting the company's initial efforts targeting specific states within India that are proving fruitful, and also that the company is developing new... - June 09, 2013

Yeo to Attend Kingston Energy Expo 2013; Attendees to Address Solar Training

Solamon Energy is proud to announce it will attend the upcoming Kingston Alternative Energy Expo, slated to be held this April 20-21 at the Wyndham Hotel in Kingston, Jamaica. President Jay Yeo is excited about the numerous opportunities currently being developed in Jamaica and as a result many new... - March 16, 2013

Solamon to Team with Conergy in Jamaica; Additional Projects Prioritized

With an eye to helping the country reach its renewable energy mandate, Solamon Energy is pleased to announce that a formal agreement has now been reached with Conergy, a global leader in solar energy system manufacturing, project development and PV plant operation, to effectively and efficiently... - March 16, 2013

Industry & Commerce Ministry to Welcome Solamon in Jamaica; Minister Hylton to Confirm Solar Mandate

President Jay Yeo is proud to announce that he on behalf of Solamon Energy Corp, its partners and many stakeholders, will be officially welcomed to the island of Jamaica at 10:30am on Wednesday March 6 at the offices of the Honourable G. Anthony Hylton, who is currently serving the government as... - March 07, 2013

Solamon Approved to Re-Domicile in BVI; Set to Increase Caribbean and South American Activities

Solamon Energy Corp CEO Graeme Boyce is happy to announce the company has been approved in Ontario and subsequently in BVI to be re-domiciled to BVI, effective immediately, and to continue as a BVI registered company. Following this approval and continuation of business in this region, Solamon has... - March 07, 2013

South Asian Leaders Seeking Strategic Partnerships with Solamon; Discussions Underway for State-by-State Solar Farm Solutions

Last July India suffered the world's biggest-ever power outage as transmission networks serving 680 million inhabitants collapsed. As a consequence, the nation's aging infrastructure was put on stark display and visionaries in governments across the country began to re-double efforts and reach out... - February 07, 2013

Solamon Re-Opening High-Level Solar Farm Discussions in Eastern Caribbean; President Meeting in Barbados

Given the leadership demonstrated by the government in Jamaica recently, Solamon President Jay Yeo is in Barbados this week for a series of meetings previously initiated while crossing the Caribbean over the past 18 months. After his visit and augmenting the current Solamon Airport Strategy being... - February 07, 2013

Solamon to Attend SHC Conference in Germany; Exploring New Solar Thermal Income Options

Solamon Energy President Jay Yeo is pleased to announce the company will be sending several of its senior executives to the SHC Conference, scheduled by organizers to be held in Germany this September, with its focus on commercial-scale solar thermal, examining both heating and cooling options. - February 07, 2013

Jamaica's Corporations to Receive Positive Benefits of Solar Energy; Equipment Key to Solamon Partnerships

Jamaica intends to become a powerful competitor in the realm of manufacturing within the next decade. In order to do so, the country's leaders have needed to address their century-old energy solution. According to the country's Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Hon. Anthony Hylton, who... - January 31, 2013

Solamon President Comments on Wheeling in Jamaica; Nation to Implement Energy Change

Slated to be held Tuesday, January 22, 2013 at the Knutsford Court Hotel in Kingston, the Office of Utilities Regulation will host a consultation to provide information on the wheeling of electricity. Solamon's President Jay Yeo today confirmed his attendance at the meeting, intended for the... - January 21, 2013

Solamon Seeks to Develop FCJ Properties; Solar Power Sensible Solution for Partners

While attending a leadership conference in Kingston several weeks ago, Solamon President Jay Yeo was discussing among key delegates the wide-reaching positive impact that Solar Energy brings into and extends across an economy over time. Effective immediately, he added, it’s a strategy that... - January 18, 2013

Solamon Set for OUR Pre-Bid Meeting; Company Re-Evaluates Jamaican Market

For several years Solamon Energy executives have invested the time, energy and effort traveling across Jamaica meeting with senior business leaders, government ministers, strategists and administrators in a concerted effort to understand the process the country had undertaken to effectively switch... - January 17, 2013

Solamon Appoints SVP for India; Set to Tackle Tamil Nadu Immediately

After months of negotiation, Jay Yeo, President, Solamon Energy Corp., is pleased today to announce the company has appointed of Romy Thomas, SVP India. Effective immediately, Mr Thomas will work with SVP Thijs Boonen and Yeo to continue the development of the Apollo Acre™ across India and... - December 12, 2012

New Middle East Activity Ramps Up; Solamon Appoints Assad to Executive Team

Earlier today Jay Yeo, President, Solamon Energy Corp., announced the company has expanded its operations in several new countries with the appointment of Chris Assad, SVP Special Operations. Effective immediately, Mr Assad will continue to develop numerous opportunities and sell the Apollo... - December 06, 2012

Solamon Launches Clean Market; Set to Facilitate Sunbelt Energy Deals

Jay Yeo, Solamon President, and Graeme Boyce, CEO, proudly and jointly announced today the company has launched Clean Market™ to enable partnerships effective immediately from participants in numerous industries and provide the ability to conclude deals at any level. "We understand the... - October 18, 2012

Solamon Set to Unfurl Hospitality Strategy; Execs Set to Visit Dominican Republic

After returning from a successful week in London, Solamon Energy CEO Graeme Boyce today announced from the company head office in Toronto that he, together with President Jay Yeo, will be traveling next week to the Dominican Republic to finalize negotiations and begin developing a utilty-scale... - September 15, 2012

Solamon Announces Mexico Partnership; Omniba Energy to Develop Numerous Projects

Earlier today, Solamon Energy SVP Michael Mitchell, together with President Jay Yeo announced the successful launch of Omniba Energy Mexico, a business partnership recently formed between Solamon and a local private consortium to develop new energy projects together. Mitchell was appointed a... - September 01, 2012

Solamon CEO Heading to London; Set to Talk with GXG Execs

Solamon Energy CEO Graeme Boyce is en route to London, England where he will meet and hold discussions with a variety of business leaders, including the owners of GXG Markets. Boyce has several key meetings lined up while in the capital and, in the wake of recent activity in Mexico, is expected to... - September 01, 2012

Solamon Expands Into Eastern Europe; SVP Toth Set to Target Great Plains of Hungary

Earlier today Jay Yeo, President, Solamon Energy Corp., proudly announced the company has expanded its operations in Eastern Europe with the appointment of Andras Toth, SVP Hungary, who over the next few months will aggressively pursue opportunities to sell the Apollo Acre™ and utility-scale... - August 10, 2012

Solamon Enters Mauritius Market; Set to Provide Large-Scale Solar Energy Projects

Solamon enters Mauritius market; set to provide large-scale solar energy projects. - July 07, 2012

Caymans Solar Tender Opportunity Closed; Solamon SVPs Vow to Submit Winning Proposal Next Round

According to Solamon Energy SVP Michael Mitchell, although the current solicitation to get renewables onto the grid in the Caymans is closed, the forthcoming solar opportunities are many and varied across the Islands and he is confident, with SVP Steve Kuiack remaining on the ground, Solamon is... - July 06, 2012

Solamon Energy Corp Now Quoted on GXG Markets

Solamon Energy Corp. (the Company), a leading provider of integrated solar arrays across the Sunbelt, is pleased to announce the Company is now admitted on GXG Markets (Global Exchange Group) as of May 16, 2012. “This is truly great news for us and signals an exciting new chapter in our... - May 17, 2012

Sri Lanka Set to Take Renewables Leadership Role; Solamon Meets with Key Leaders in Colombo

After meeting visionary business and government leaders in Sri Lanka over the past week, Solamon Energy CEO Graeme Boyce and SVP Thijs Boonen in the coming days will wrap a critical series of talks and prepare to visit the prominent city of Kandy, and possibly further review available lands in the... - April 01, 2012

Solamon Set to Expand Into Mexico; Announces New SVP Appointment

After conducting and concluding an extensive executive search, Solamon Energy CEO Graeme Boyce proudly announced today the company has appointed Mr Michael Mitchell to the position Senior Vice President – Mexico. According to Boyce, Mitchell in the short-term will be based in the Solamon Head... - March 18, 2012

Solamon Concludes Deal with SST in Sri Lanka; Partnership to Develop Huge Solar Project

With the planned expansion into South East Asia, and Solamon engineers working tirelessly to fine-tune turnkey energy solutions designed specifically for the region to maximize power generation while minimizing environmental impact, the company is proud to announce it has recently concluded a deal... - February 26, 2012

Solamon President Yeo to Visit Nicaragua; Set to Confirm Other Project Costs and Timelines

As Solamon President Jay Yeo concludes a series of talks across the Eastern Caribbean, he will return home to Toronto briefly to meet with newly-announced partners Canada Green ESCO, before joining SVP Corey Keegan to attend high level talks in Managua early next week. Yeo is expected to stay in... - February 26, 2012

Solamon Promotes Boonen to VP; Targets Fast-Growing South East Asia

Solamon Energy Corp. is pleased to announce the company has promoted Thijs Boonen to the position of Vice President who, effective immediately, will begin to develop the solar market in Sri Lanka and maximize existing opportunities. Boonen, currently located in Belgium, will travel to the South... - February 19, 2012

Solamon Announces Finance Partner; New Territories to be Explored in 2012

In light of the recently publicized solar projects in Nicaragua and Jamaica, Solamon Energy Corp. CEO Graeme Boyce proudly announced today the company has signed a strategic Joint Venture Agreement with Canada Green ESCO, adding executives will now work together closely to ensure a turnkey... - February 16, 2012

Yeo Set to Speak at NYC Finance Gathering; Caribbean Solar Opportunities Among Hot Topics

Set to eagerly address the multi-faceted issue of financing based on his own real-world experiences launching Solamon Energy, company president Jay Yeo has confirmed he has accepted a headline speaking engagement at the prestigious Invest Caribbean Now forum. Scheduled to be held on Manhattan... - February 15, 2012

SVP Giles Slated for Barbados; High-Level Meetings to Address Solar Energy Needs

Solamon Energy Corp. is proud to announce SVP Christian Giles is returning to Barbados on Tuesday for this, his third trip in less than a year to the Eastern Caribbean island since joining the Solamon team. Originally it was anticipated he would be joined by President Jay Yeo on location, but he is... - February 06, 2012

Solamon SVP Heading to Kingston; Update on State of Jamaica Economy Expected Wednesday

Solamon SVP and Country Head for Jamaica, Ainsley Brown, is returning to Kingston and looking forward many new meetings slated to be held in Kingston over the next month, especially after the country’s recently held elections. “I intend to simply continue my discussions with all the various parties at the table who recognize the value of our solar energy solutions,” states Brown from Toronto’s Pearson Airport, prior to boarding a plane to Kingston. - February 06, 2012

Solamon Announces Plans for Largest Caribbean Solar Farm; Jamaican Parishes to be Evaluated

After numerous visits and meetings with administrators and regulators this past year, Solamon Energy Corp. today proudly announced its program to build the largest solar power plant in the Caribbean in Jamaica. It is expected the program, estimated to cost $450 million, will enhance and improve the... - January 25, 2012

Solamon Initiates Expansion Plan Targeting Middle East; Company Launches New Bureau in Lebanon

Ushering in an exciting new era for Solamon Energy, CEO Graeme Boyce proudly announced today the company has extended its reach beyond Caribbean waters and into the Middle East with the appointment of Mr Mazen Braish to the position of Senior Vice President. According to Boyce, Braish, effective... - January 25, 2012

Solamon Solamon to Explore New Opportunities in Asia; Set to Participate in Energy Expo India

Solamon Energy Corp., experiencing continued successes in the Caribbean and unparalleled growth potential in Central America, is pleased today to announce its attendance at the upcoming Renewable Energy India 2012 Expo, scheduled to be held November 7-9 2012 at the India Expo Center, Greater Noida. - January 11, 2012

Solamon Solamon Set to Solarize Panama; Keegan Expects Initial Meetings to Prove Fruitful

Solamon Energy Corp. is proud to announce its expansion into Panama, now recognized as one of the fastest growing economies in Central America today. Through his office in Nicaragua, Solamon SVP Corey Keegan has coordinated the company’s inaugural visit to Panama City and is looking forward... - December 14, 2011

Solamon Algeria Forces Renewable Energies; Solamon Set to Tackle Sahara in 2012

In 2011 the Algerian ministry of energy and mines launched a program on energy efficiency and renewable energies with a capacity of 120 billion US Dollars. The target is to install additional power generating capacity from renewables amounting 22,000 MW between 2011 and 2030. 12,000 MW will be... - December 14, 2011

Solamon to Develop Mobile Apollo Acre; Innovative Aqua Design to Assist with Disaster Relief Efforts

Solamon Energy Corp. is proud to announce plans to support future international disaster relief efforts by supplying mobile solar arrays into remote areas accessible by water. The turnkey system can be mounted either on floating barges or affixed to a local structure. “It is a temporary... - December 09, 2011

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