MLS® Laser Therapy by ASAlaser: Effective Response to the Treatment of Pathologies of Companion Animals

As an innovative therapy, MLS® and its devices (Mphi Vet and Mphi Vet Orange) is among the therapeutic solutions adopted with increasing frequency by Veterinary professionals. In Italy as in the World. What’s the goal? To ensure our 4-legged friends a "tailored" cure to go back to feeling good.

Vicenza, Italy, February 19, 2015 --( What have in common Dusky - Newfoundland dog suffering from osteoarthritis of the hip and back pain, Snippina - hamster with an ear abscess, Stella - cat affected by eosinophilic granuloma syndrome and buccal lesions and Faustino - horse with an even more invasive back pain? All of them have restored a better quality of life after MLS® Laser Therapy treatments. ASAlaser’s therapy, thanks to its anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, analgesic and bio-stimulant effects, has been in fact the most effective response to treat the pathologies, which affected the four animals. A few sessions have been enough to bring them to their best physical condition, without any side effects during or after the treatment. This success is the result of the continuous research conducted by ASAlaser, a company active in the development of therapies based on laser sources and magnetic fields since 1983. Also its veterinary division, ASAveterinary, is based on specific investigations and on a detailed process of selection and analysis of authoritative scientific literature. The result is the ideation of the MLS® laser pulse, patented and approved by the US FDA. This therapeutic method, characterized by the coordinated and synchronized emission of several laser beams with different wavelengths – pulsed and continued - that makes possible to distribute the energy over a wide target area in a homogenous way, also involving the tissue below,- can enhance the three therapeutic effects essential for the resolution of many pathologies: anti-inflammatory, anti-edema and analgesic.

Scientifically validated through biomedical research and clinical studies carried out by international research centers, MLS® Laser Therapy has earned first the attention, then the confidence of Veterinary professionals, Italians as well as foreigners, who have started to use it in their daily practice. Many successful cases have convinced the Vet clinics to rely on the objective advantages of its application by adopting Mphi Vet and Mphi Vet Orange devices: the rapid healing of skin lesions such as wounds and sores, as well as the recovery of structural integrity of damaged tissues, the immediate improvement of local blood circulation, the fast resolution of edema, the quick pain reduction and the powerful anti-inflammatory effect. "The possibility of reducing the use of anti-inflammatory drugs," explains Dr. Silvia Righi, Veterinary surgeon specialized in homeopathy – "has been the main incentive for my choice. The opportunity offered to test the therapy in treating some of my patients has confirmed its important anti-inflammatory effect, as well as the absence of invasiveness and the quick response. All extremely useful in my work." Also Heidi Bye Svartangen, Norwegian Muscle Specialist specialized in small animals and equines has the same opinion: "The positive aspects of MLS® Laser Therapy are many, such as, for example, the ability to relieve pain and reduce inflammation simultaneously: in less time we can achieve the desired result and that’s very good for the patient. Appreciable is also the possibility to customize the treatment, also changing the time of application of the laser considering the needs of each patient." As for humans, even for animals the customization of the treatment may represent a discriminant in order to obtain the desired results. This factor has helped to make MLS® a transverse therapy able to cope not only with the problems commonly spread between cats and dogs, but also in horses and exotic species, these latter even more present in families. "MLS®," confirms Dr. Alice Marass, expert in the treatment of exotic animals, "can be used to treat many diseases that affect different species of animals: this versatility and multi-sectorial approach led us to count it among the therapies of our Clinic. The possibility to use it also in exotic animals has been a further benefit. Just one example: MLS® has enabled the rapid healing of the wound of a turtle attacked by a seagull. The lesion resulting in the removal of the tail healed in a short time thanks to a session of Laser Therapy." If dogs & co. are the immediate beneficiaries of the application of MLS® Laser Therapy, even their owners benefit from its value. "The owners? They are excited. Even the ones that have never tried laser before do not really believe me when I tell them that their dog will feel so much better afterwords, but they all get convinced," concludes Svartangen. "The animal itself seems to understand what is happening: the dog, for example, even if it doesn’t feel any pain, shows some signs of reaction as to indicate where to position the laser!" What better introduction?
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