HAGA Expert Shows the Practicality of Raised Beds for Urban Gardening

Incline Village, NV, March 22, 2015 --(PR.com)-- As organic gardening gets more and more popular with the younger generation, the need for space-saving methods rises especially since most millennials live in urban cities with very little space to plant seeds and grow vegetable gardens.

To solve this problem, a top expert from Home and Garden America suggests using raised beds to make the most of one's urban space. Raised beds are incredibly efficient because they can be installed on the rooftop, balcony, backyard, or even on a community garden.

"Raised beds are super easy to build. Gardeners can just make the frames at home and adjust the size to fit their given space. For instance, if you want to plant seeds of your favorite herbs, then a much smaller frame will do compared to the standard 2' x 4' beds. Flexibility and space efficiency are two of the best things about raised bed gardening," the HAGA expert explained.

Aside from its ability to optimize space, a raised bed also allows gardeners to grow more vegetables in a single box—therefore providing more food options while using less ground.

"Once you've decided on your bed size, you can begin growing a variety of vegetable plant seeds. Delicious veggies such as tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, peas, carrots and onions are clear favorites among home gardeners. You can actually even plant these seven vegetables in one bed since they all complement each other. Isn't that amazing? You can now plant a good selection of crops in just a single bed," the gardening expert continued.

To make the most of raised bed gardening, the Home and Garden America expert advises filling the beds with a blend of organic compost and potting mix, plus some peat moss and vermiculite for extra drainage and aeration. Heirloom plant seeds are highly recommended as well to help urban gardeners grow the freshest and tastiest vegetables possible.

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