Burrard Physiotherapy, a Vancouver Physiotherapy Clinic, Adopts Sports Training Program

Vancouver, Canada, April 29, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Sports training at Burrard Physiotherapy, leading Vancouver physiotherapy clinic, offer patients a unique path to recovery from injury. These training programs transform the recovery process from a tedious chore to something patients look forward to doing.

The key point of difference between a sports training recovery program and a traditional program is the type of exercise being done. While a sports training program includes all of the elements that patients find in a more conventional regimen, sports programs increase patient engagement by making the exercise fun.

Over time walking the same routine on the treadmill or lifting a medicine ball becomes a chore many Vancouver physiotherapy patients loathe. The negative mental image of the recovery program inhibits progress, because patients are not motivated to do the hard work required to recover from their injury.

Sports training programs get around the mental block by focusing on exercise elements that mimic the enjoyable activities the patient enjoyed before they got injured. Some Vancouver physiotherapy clinics often adopt exercises that relate to the area's large skiing community. Common workout elements include:

Inverted Hamstring: Targets lower body muscles and improves balance
Target Bounds: Targets the lower body and improves agility
Static Plank: Targets the forearms and shoulders, improving endurance

A sports training program is ideal for any Vancouver physiotherapy patient whose active lifestyle has been disrupted by a joint or muscle injury.

About Burrard Physiotherapy:

Since 1982 Burrard Physiotherapy has been providing Vancouver area patients with an aggressive rehabilitation program. The staff strives to incorporate the most current treatment options, including yoga, Pilates, and a host of other programs designed to help patients get back on their feet. The enormous facility has over a dozen private rooms where patients get the one-on-one attention they need to recover from their injuries and improve their quality of life. For more information, contact Burrard Physiotherapy by visiting their website at http://burrardphysiotherapy.com/.
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Kerry Maxwell