Creative BioMart Introduces Oxidative Stress Assay

New York, NY, June 07, 2015 --( Creative BioMart, a global leader in the supply of innovative protein research tools and services announced today that it has launched exclusive Oxidative Stress Assay for use in studying many forms of pathophysiology generally associated with aging.

Oxidative stress can reflect a disturbance between the systemic production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and antioxidant defenses against radicals. Over the past 40 years, the study on Oxidative stress is on the rise. It has been discovered as a key factor in numerous forms of pathophysiology related with aging. ROS can interact with proteins, nucleic acids and can cause lipids cell and tissue damage. So using selective or general indicators to measure this is of great importance.

To help scientists worldwide, Creative BioMart has launched a series of systems to do oxidative stress assay. And some oxidative biomarkers were developed to perform oxidative stress assay. Generally, Creative BioMart offers Lipid peroxidation analysis and Glutathione analysis. The former one is used as an indicator of oxidative stress in living cells and the latter one is an important antioxidant in animals, fungi and plants.

Considered one of the industry's leading providers of protein products and protein related services, Creative BioMart continuously expands its comprehensive and innovative product line over the past years, hoping to improve people’s life through biotechnology.

“Product and service quality is of critical importance to Creative BioMart. We’re developing our product and service ranges, focusing on high production standards and verifying quality through additional in-house and independent validation,” said Linna Green, the chief marketing staff in Creative BioMart.

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