DuneCraft Wins EEOC Lawsuit

DuneCraft Wins EEOC Lawsuit
Cleveland, OH, June 30, 2015 --(PR.com)-- In the matter of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission v. DuneCraft, Inc., U.S. District Court, N.D. Ohio Case No. 1:14-cv-02011, twelve (12) jurors found by a unanimous opinion the following:

1. DuneCraft, and its CEO Grant Cleveland, did not subject Kevin Marken to an age-based hostile work environment.
2. DuneCraft, and its CEO Grant Cleveland, did not fire Kevin Marken because he complained of age-based harassment.
3. DuneCraft did not fire Kevin Marken because of his age.

Grant Cleveland said “I am relieved that justice has prevailed and that the ridiculous claims by Kevin Marken and the EEOC were shot down. I am happy that I did not give in to their bullying tactics and that we destroyed them in court. Now we can focus on things that matter.”

The jury awarded EEOC and Mr. Marken zero damages, and determined DuneCraft did not violate the law when it terminated Mr. Marken.

“This was a waste of taxpayer dollars on the part of the EEOC and I feel it is wrong that I have had to spend time and money defending myself from these unfounded claims instead of using those resources for the continued growth of this company,” Cleveland said.

DuneCraft was represented by Jeffrey Miller and Timothy Gallagher of Kegler Brown Hill + Ritter. Kevin Marken was represented by attorneys from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The trial proceeded for two (2) days and included testimony from ten (10) witnesses.
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