GOP Presidential Candidate Ed Marshall Attracts Independents & Democrats

Ed Marshall's carefully reasoned stand against the death penalty, his opposition to government being in the marriage business and his plan for bringing the Iraq War to a successful, faster, less bloody and lower cost conclusion are stands that find support among independents and across all party lines. See details at, his campaign website.

Sherman Oaks, CA, December 02, 2007 --( Ed Marshall, a recently announced and late entry to the campaign for the GOP presidential nomination, has taken stands that are not only favored by a high percentage of fellow Republicans, but have an appeal that crosses party lines.

"What use would it be for the Republican nominee to have little or no appeal to independents and Democrats?" Marshall asks. He then goes on to list a number of his stands that have the broad appeal that he says a presidential candidate should have in order to deserve to be elected:

1) He favors registered drug addicts having strictly regulated access to otherwise illegal drugs they are addicted to for not more than $5 per day. This would put the illegal drug dealers out of business, and would reduce crime that is connected to typical $150 a day, and higher, drug habits. This would reduce costs for new prisons to relieve overcrowding, and would save billions of dollars with the massive reduction of crime and judicial system costs.

2) Marshall lists six reasons for opposing the death penalty, in favor of "life imprisonment without possiblity of parole". A main one is that murderers often flee to countries that won't extradite the murederer back to the U.S. for trial because of the death penalty. This means that murderers who count on fleeing to such countries commit murder with no fear of any punishment. "They really do get away with murder," Marshall says.

3) The Iraq War would be ended sooner with less bloodshed, tremendous savings of lives and dollars, and with the successful emergence of a new democratic and relatively peaceful society in Iraq, if, Marshall says, the U.S. would help sponsor, with the Iraqi government, a media campaign in Arabic, including internet, TV, radio and leaflets, urging all Iraqis to do what the tribal leaders in Al Anbar have accomplished. In Al Anbar, formerly very violent, the local leaders have put the Al Quaeda and other foreign terrorists and insurgents out of business. The result is: One of the safest provinces in Iraq, Marshall points out.

4) Marshall says that the government has no business being in the marriage business, collecting license fees and deciding who can and who can't get married. Marriage should be a private decision, Marshall says. He has been married just once, to Linda for 44 years, and runs a successful family business with her and their three grown children. He says he resented having to get a marriage license from a government agency back in the 1960's.

5) Abortion is not an acceptable substitute for pregnancy prevention, says Marshall. "But," he says, "government should not be able to prevent a woman from choosing an abortion to save her life, to protect her physical or mental health, or to end a pregnancy caused by rape."

These and other stands taken by candidate Ed Marshall can be seen on the campaign website at

Ed Marshall for President
Ed Marshall