Edward Marshall, GOP Outsider Presidential Candidate, Ends Primary Campaign and Throws His Support to Mitt Romney

Edward Marshall an outsider write-in candidate for the Republican nomination for President, is announcing the end of his campaign in the primaries, and asks his supporters to consider joining him in voting for Mitt Romney on Super Tuesday. "Next Tuesday's primaries are crucial for Mitt Romney... - February 03, 2008

Write-In GOP Presidential Candidate Edward Marshall Lists Reasons for Voters to Choose Him Over McCain, Romney, Huckabee and Giuliani

Edward Marshall, a write-in, outsider candidate for the GOP presidential nomination, acknowledges the inconvenience for voters to write in "Edward Marshall" on their ballots. Therefore, he is fulfilling what he sees as his obligation to tell GOP primary voters what his advantages are over McCain, Romney, Huckabee and Giuliani. Marshall says that "none of these have stood out with voters so far, and it's clear that people are still hoping for someone better to enthusiastically support." - January 26, 2008

California Lists "Edward Marshall" as Official GOP Write-in Presidential Candidate

In listing Edward Marshall as an official write-in candidate in the February 5th California GOP presidential primary, the State has made clear that votes will be counted only if the exact name "Edward Marshall" is written in. Candidate Marshall invites all of you GOP voters to check out his website MarshallYourVotes.org and then write in "Edward Marshall" when you vote. - January 25, 2008

"South Carolina & Nevada Results Continue to Show No GOP Candidate Standing Out," Says Ed Marshall, 'Outsider' GOP Candidate for President

Ed Marshall, a self-described maverick and outsider candidate for the GOP presidential nomination, says that Saturday's Nevada and South Carolina GOP results continue to show that no candidate clearly stands out as the voters' favorite. "Clearly American voters still wish they could find that candidate," and Marshall invites all to check out his website at MarshallYourVotes.org - January 22, 2008

"Iowa GOP Result Shows America Needs a New GOP Candidate," Ed Marshall, GOP Outsider Candidate Says Regarding His Write-in Campaign

The Iowa GOP caucus result confirms what he has said all along, namely that America in general and the Republican Party in particular, needs a new, outsider "person of the people, not a lifetime government politician" for its next President, according to write-in candidate Ed Marshall. Marshall is looking ahead to New Hampshire and the other primaries for write-in support. - January 06, 2008

GOP Presidential Candidate Ed Marshall Files as "Write-in" for California Primary

Californian Ed Marshall, a medical doctor and head of his successful family home staging business based in Los Angeles, has filed with California's Secretary of State to be an official write-in candidate in the GOP Presidential primary February 5. "It's not about me winning; it's not about me spending your money on my campaign; it's about the best ideas and leadership for the good of our country and all of its people," Marshall said in making the announcement. - December 29, 2007

GOP Presidential Candidate Ed Marshall to Announce Candidacy at First Press Conference on Saturday December 15 in Los Angeles

Ed Marshall will hold his first press conference announcing his GOP candidacy for president, on Saturday, December 15, at 2PM, at Van Nuys-Sherman Oaks Park in Los Angeles at the northwest corner of Hazeltine Avenue and Huston Street. Marshall's late entry, unusual candidacy (e.g., will not accept campaign contributions), and interesting and unique stands on issues, will be discussed. - December 08, 2007

GOP Candidate Ed Marshall Tells Iowa & NH Voters "It's Not Too Late"

Ed Marshall, who entered the GOP race for President just 2 weeks ago, is telling Iowa republicans and New Hampshire republicans and independents that "it's not too late" to get behind his candidacy. His plans to increase the exemption from personal federal income tax to $50,000, and to end the Iraq War more quickly by using a media campaign in Arabic urging all Iraqis to mimic the Al Anbar success story, are "two of my most important stands", says Marshall. - December 07, 2007

GOP Presidential Candidate Ed Marshall Will Not File with FEC

Federal Election Commission rules require filing by any federal office seeker who raises or spends $5000 or more. Ed Marshall is not accepting any campaign contributions, and his campaign expenses are not likely to hit even half the $5,000 amount. He says his style of campaigning confirms his respect for everyone's money that will lead to lower taxes and a balanced budget. - December 02, 2007

GOP Presidential Candidate Ed Marshall Attracts Independents & Democrats

Ed Marshall's carefully reasoned stand against the death penalty, his opposition to government being in the marriage business and his plan for bringing the Iraq War to a successful, faster, less bloody and lower cost conclusion are stands that find support among independents and across all party lines. See details at MarshallYourVotes.org, his campaign website. - December 02, 2007

Ed Marshall Enters Race for GOP Nomination with Unusual Campaign

Ed Marshall Enters Race for GOP Nomination with Unusual Campaign

Ed Marshall is a California MD who also runs a successful home staging business with his wife of 44 years, Linda, and their three adult children. He will not accept political contributions or salary from tax dollars. His stands on issues are uniquely interesting, and can be seen at MarshallYourVotes.org. - November 27, 2007

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