Video is No Longer Just for Watching

With the launch of a new service providing access to bold new Selective Interactive Video Entertainment how we experience video online has changed.

Leeds, United Kingdom, July 03, 2015 --( Selective Interactive Video or SIV as it’s known is a new video presentation format introduced by Yorkshire based Digital Media Company, 2b Acting.

The first interactive film was introduced to the audience at the 1967 Expo in Montreal with a Czechoslovakian comedy called Kinoautomat: One Man and His House. This interactive video provided the audience with options as to what they saw next as the film progressed. Today the world of interactive video has come a long way since then and is becoming more mainstream as new digital platforms emerge and viewing technology improves.

Audiences can now experience specially made selective interactive videos online with 2b Acting’s new service, known as the SIV space. SIV adds an extra dimension to traditional interactive videos by making how you select the interactive options part of the video design. This means content is not the only aspect of a video that can entertain, engage or inform viewers. The company is already working with businesses in using SIV for training, shopping, websites, education, marketing and sales as part of their SIV business service.

“The SIV space is where you discover the best in SIV Entertainment,” says David Jones, SIV production developer. “We really want the SIV industry to grow and we feel that showing what can be done is much better than talking about it.”

To spearhead their SIV Entertainment the company has used SIV to create a motion comic for the brand new ‘Witch Trinity’ supernatural drama, originally created for DVD release. The production includes notable actors such as Darren John Langford who played in ‘Hollyoaks’ and Naomi Millbank-Smith who appeared on Channel 4’s ‘Shipwrecked’ (TV) series. Also joining the cast are Anastasia Ampatzoglou who played Maria Estefan in the Internet drama ‘Today and Tomorrow’, Simone A Lewis who played Nurse Saunders in the hit movie ‘The Kings Speech’ and up and coming talent Emma Fisher.

In addition to SIV Entertainment, the SIV space also includes a SIV creator so subscribers can create new SIV Entertainment of their own. The company will be doing what they can to encourage use of the creator to develop talent in this emerging industry and help drive the market forward.

With the SIV space going live it is clear that many will soon discover that video is now no longer just for watching.
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