Global Warming: Real or Imagined? Let Your Opinion be Heard with This Environmental Survey

Climate change has been well documented and is the subject of much debate in America today. The earth is getting warmer, but why? Is it part of a natural cycle or are we risking the planet by releasing noxious amounts of toxic greenhouse gases? Here is your chance to be heard.

Tampa Bay, FL, December 04, 2007 --( The heat is on...Literally! Or at least that's what some are claiming. In the course of the past few years, climate change has become a hot topic and interest has increased greatly. Yet, not everyone can agree on whether Global Warming is real and just exactly what to do about it or the effects it has on the environment.

Voice your opinion today regarding critical environmental issues facing every American. 9Seconds, a Florida integrated marketing firm, is conducting market research for Forests Forever to determine public sentiment regarding environmental issues related to Global Warming within the United States.

• Each person that completes the survey by 5 PM, December 17, 2007 is automatically entered into a drawing for a chance to win $100.
• The survey is open to US residents only.
• Respondents must be over the age of 18.
• The survey will close on December 31, 2007.

Completing the survey takes about 10 minutes. Not only can you let your voice be heard but you can help contribute to a healthier environment for years to come. Click here: to view the survey online or send an email to to request a personal invitation.

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9Seconds is an integrated marketing firm located outside the city of Tampa. 9Seconds specializes in working with clients to form a single message spread across a variety of mediums. Clients have included International Pizza Hut Franchise Holders Association, Dagwood’s Sandwich Shoppes and Florida Home Buyers.

Forests Forever is a unique program designed to save large tracts of heavily forested lands through the sale of Conservation Credits. Forest destruction and land development is at an all time high. We can make a difference and save the planet one acre at a time. For more information on Forests Forever send an email request to
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